Can You Take Crochet Hooks on an Airplane?

When flying on a plane, I like to keep my hands busy and I always carry a small yarn project, but the first thing that pops to your mind is Can You Take Crochet Hooks on an Airplane?

I love knitting and crocheting, and smaller projects like this Crochet Moss Stitch Scarf are easy to make on the go. Today I’ll answer your question “Can you take crochet hooks on an airplane” and share what I pack for crocheting on an airplane. I’m also sharing my all-time go-to travel scissors that went through TSA easily! And yes, everything fits into this tiny little zippered pouch.

Q: Can you take Crochet Hooks on an airplane? A: Yes!!

crocheting on an airplane


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Can you take Crochet Hooks on an Airplane?

can you take crochet hooks on an airplane

Can you take crochet hooks on an airplane? Here is what I packed and was able to carry on in my purse. Everything passed TSA check.

  1. Yarn from my stash- I wanted a few colors for my granny square and was happy that these fit in the bag.
  2. Crochet hooks- I always pack a hook and a spare. I have this set of bamboo needles that is great for travel- because TSA in general likes wood or plastic crochet hooks vs metal ones.
  3. Printed pattern- I printed the paper double-sided and folded it up.
  4. Travel Scissors- Scissors need to be blunt, no pointy edges. This scissor folds into a super compact size.
  5. A Zippered Pouch– I like to have everything fit nicely into a small zippered pouch.

Crochet hooks on Airplane packing video

YouTube VIDEO: Crocheting on an Airplane, What to pack?

So if you don’t believe me and think I couldn’t fit all of these into a little pouch, watch my video below.

Can you take Crochet Hooks on an Airplane?

  • Very important–don’t pack your favorite prized hooks or needles. I LOVE my Clover ergonomic hooks but would never try to carry them onto a plane. One -they are metal, and two they come as a set of pretty colored hooks and I would be terribly sad if I lost one of them.
  • Pack an extra crochet hook. I have learned this the hard way. I have dropped one too many hooks in our car or in a plane and spent time searching for them instead of crocheting. So now, I pack two hooks at all times.
  • Think about maybe packing a paper tape, this one is in fact from one of our IKEA purchases and has lasted long! A paper one is easy to fold and if you lose it while traveling – it’s easy to replace.
  • Don’t forget to pack those travel scissors. I like that this set has 4 travel scissors!
crocheting while traveling tips
travel crochet supplies

can you take metal crochet hooks on a plane?

Yes! Metal crochet hooks are allowed on a plane as per TSA rules. They don’t want you carrying anything super point and sharp like a needle or sharp scissors.

crochet hook

Here is my crochet along block in the process. Pattern of this block seen below is by Jess At Home for Moogly Crochet along

crochet on the go

I hope this blog post answers your question “Can You Take Crochet Hooks on an Airplane?” and please do share any other tips that you find useful in the comments below! Happy stitching!

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  1. Hi there, Could you please give me the measurements of your little zippered pouch, for crochet travelling.
    Also where might I be able to buy the fold up scissors, that aren’t sharp!
    Thanking you,

  2. I am going to be on a flight to Malaysia from India, would it still be possible to take scissors below 4cm on a flight for crocheting?

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