How To Make a Perler Bead Coaster For Dad

Looking for a fun and easy DIY project? Learn how to make Perler Bead Coasters with this step-by-step tutorial. It’s both fun and functional and a great gift idea for Dad!

I love it when my kids want to craft, and today we are making a DIY Coaster that is colorful! You can make these Perler Bead Coasters for any occasion, ours is Dad-themed today. To go along with this Dad coaster, make sure to grab these Printable Cards For Father’s Day too! Now let’s get crafting!

Perler bead ideas

What Are Perler Beads?

Perler beads are small, colorful plastic beads that can be arranged and melted together to create unique designs and patterns. Grab some online here

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How Do You Use Perler Beads?

To use your Perler Beads, you will need a pegboard (we love these shaped pegboards), an iron, and parchment paper. You can find these supplies at most craft stores or online. Have your kids place the bead colors onto the pegboard, and then follow the instructions on your ironing paper and melt the beads. Remove the paper and you have made a melted shape of your own!

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How Do You Make Perler Bead Coasters?

Here is a step by step tutorial showing you How to Make your own Perler Bead Coaster. Since these beads are made of plastic, once you fuse them they lay flat and are also waterproof, thus making the perfect coaster!

Total Time:

Step 1: Create your Design

How to make perler bead coasters

I printed an empty template and then colored in my design to have the word DAD with colorful shadows. I designed the coaster to be a 20 bead square. Place a clear square pegboard on top now, making sure to leave a few empty rows around the edges of the design to allow for melting and flattening.

Step 2: Start Beading

how to use perler beads

Now that you have your design and colors chosen, it’s time to start beading! Place your perler beads onto the pegboard according to your design.

Step 3: Use a Tweezer

perler beads easy

My kids love this plastic tweezer to place the beads onto the board. It gives you more control vs using your finger.

Step 4: Choose your Colors carefully

perler bead word

As you add the colors onto your coasters make sure you are using contrasting vivid colors that allow you to read the word in your design easily.

Step 5: Ready to Iron!

perler beads color

Once you complete the beading, it’s time to melt the beads. Always have an adult do the ironing and make sure to use caution while the iron is hot.

How Do You Set Perler Beads?

Perler Beads are heat reactive. Once your design is complete, place a sheet of ironing paper (often included when you purchase the beads) and iron on top to melt the beads. Keep moving your iron evenly back and forth till all of the beads have melted together. Peel the paper and let the coaster cool and harden. This step is crucial to ensure that your coaster stays together and can withstand use.

ironing perler beads

Can you reuse Perler bead ironing paper?

Yes! You can reuse the paper again and again. And in case you lose your ironing paper, a sheet of parchment paper from your kitchen will work too. Do not use wax paper, as this will leave a thin waxy residue onto the melted beads.


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Perler Bead Coasters are a creative and colorful DIY project for all ages, not just kids. These coasters are easy to make and can add a fun touch to your home decor. These coasters make great gifts for friends and family. Choose colors you like to create unique designs of your choice. Happy crafting!

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