Watercolor Organic Patterns: An easy art idea!

Filling my sketchbook with simple Organic Patterns is a great way to relax with your art supplies. I’m painting hearts today and the pink simply makes me happy! I’ll show you how below, and you can paint along with me too!

Watercolor heart organic pattern

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What are Organic patterns?

Insta video: Organic vs Geometrical

Organic patterns are designs that are repetitive but do not follow any symmetry or graph pattern. You will see loose, wavy lines and nothing perfect or straight.

How to Paint Organic Patterns:

Painting organic patterns is easy, comforting and the best part- wonky. Your lines do not need to be precise. Wonky, wiggly, curvy, and uneven is the name of the game

I love using brush pens as watercolors for these patterns.

TIP: Use two or three markers of similar tones to create a soft subtle variation in design!

Some great shapes to paint Organic patterns with are: hearts, circles, thick lines, and curved shapes.

Watercolor hearts organic pattern
watercolor organic pattern

This sketch page came together quickly in under 15 minutes and today I used three colors Tombow Dual Brush Pens here- 723, 743 and 885

Smiling Colors_ Heart Organic Pattern


Watercoloring Video:

Watch me paint this pattern or come paint along with me in my YouTube Video today!

More Organic Pattern Ideas:

Below are a few more Watercolor Organic Patterns that I’ve enjoyed drawing in my sketchbook. Watercolor is a great medium to use for these patterns, as it has a soft, fluid nature that emphasizes the flow.

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CONCLUSION: Why should you paint Organic Patterns?

I highly recommend painting organic patterns in your sketchbooks! The whole process is very relaxing, calming and it quickly helps me unwind after a long day.

You don’t have to measure and sketch out your page beforehand, the elements all do not need to match and be the same size, yet when they are all put together there is a simple beauty to the pattern.

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Thank you for being here today and spending some creative time with my friends! I’m so thankful for your kind words and support. Don’t forget to let me know what you think of today’s project idea in the comment section below, I’d love to hear from you!

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