Hand lettering on felt: DIY Reversible pillow

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Hello friends! Today I have a video tutorial to share with you showing hand lettering on felt I created a fun holiday pillow that is reversible, it says JOY on one side and THANKFUL on the other side.

hand lettering on felt with paintHand lettering on felt is a little different than lettering on paper, but the results are that much more amazing!!

hand lettering on felt

Watch the Video Tutorial:

So here we go, learn how hand letter on felt using fabric paint along with me. Watch the video by clicking on the video box below or head over to to my YouTube channel. Enjoy!

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Supplies used:

You need exactly 5 items to make this cute little pillow and come to think of it, I used 4 of these in yesterday’s project too- Felt Sheets, Fabric Glue (I LOVE this one!), Fabric paint in gold, a round paintbrush and some pillow stuffing like Poly-Fil.

How to make it:

I used fabric glue to glue the felt sheets together to form the pillow case. This glue is amazing at holding the seams together.

For my hand lettering on felt I used gold dimensional paint and a No 2 round paint brush. I kept it simple with a basic capital font style.

hand lettering on felt

To finish off the pillow, I added tons of gold dots all around the pillow front. I went back and added a second coat of paint to intensify the gold. I really love this pink and gold combination!

hand lettering on felt JOY

On the other side, I used the same gold dimensional paint for my hand lettering on felt. I got brave and free handed my lettering and thankful that it turned out so pretty. It was centered and there were no paint squirts.

hand lettering on felt with dimensional paint

The gold dimensional paint dries beautifully and the soft shimmer of the gold on brown makes me happy. I filled the pillow with poly fil and stuffed it till it felt full.

hand lettering on felt thankful pillow


hand lettering on felt

Today I am part of the Handmade Holidays blog hop, with tons of handmade inspiration for this holiday season! Make sure to take a look at all of the other projects by clicking the blue button below.

hand lettering on felt

hand lettering on felt

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Tips and Tricks:

  • You can easily substitute the felt in this project with fabric. Use the same fabric glue to make the pillow!
  • Before hand lettering on felt, it’s a great idea to think of what you want to draw and maybe make a rough pencil sketch on the side.
  • While using such dimensional paints, always squeeze the nozzle onto a scrap piece of paper first, to remove any air and to figure out how much pressure the bottle needs for the paint to come out easily. Never, and I mean NEVER take your paint bottle to your work without doing this first.
  • I originally had planned to make a bigger pillow, but by mistake ordered these 12 by 8 inch felt sheets thinking it was 12 by 18 inches in size. When it arrived, I kinda liked the small size, and this small sized pillow reminded of something that you would find in the Target dollar spot. So this pillow might look small, but it is super cute and will surely add to your holiday decor!
  • Other alternates for hand lettering on felt- try using an oil based marker like I did in this previous tutorial of mine.
  • Find more of my No Sew Felt projects here, here and here

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  1. What a fun idea! I love that this project is no sew! I can work with glue! Also, I love how you staged your finished project photos.:)

  2. The small rectangle pillows are delightful to use around the house as decorations for even special family/friends celebrations/events. Thank you for sharing your interesting ideas and how to accomplish them. jacqui

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