Make your own Unicorn book in 3 easy steps!

Hello crafty friends! Today I have a fun handmade gift idea that would be perfect for the little girl or tween in your life! I’ll show you how to make an Unicorn Book at home that is bound to make them smile!

how to make an unicorn book

So when it comes to making handmade gifts, I always make a book or knit something. Today I’m showing you how to make an Unicorn Book or journal- this is a whimsical book, with what else but felt! Felt makes this entire book feel soft and wonderful. And special. There is a giveaway at the end of this post, so make sure to scroll all the way down! 😉

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Supplies used:

Here is a quick look at the supplies needed:

  • FELT: You’ll need a few sheet of soft rainbow colored felt sheets. You can buy these at your local craft store or online here. I just bought this entire set of colors and love it!
  • FABRIC PAINTS: I used these dimensional paints that were super easy to apply onto the felt- you will definitely NEED the gold for the Unicorn’s horn, but the black paint you could easily replace with a good black marker and draw in the eyes instead of paint.
  • BOOK/JOURNAL: You can literally convert any BOOK you have into an unicorn book. You can use leftover school supplies, or a dollar tree journal or buy a few books in bulk here and make these for the cousin gang!
  • SCISSORS: A good pair of sharp scissors to cut the felt. A sharp scissor like this one or this one makes it easy to cut two to three layers of felt at once, speeding up the process.
  • FABRIC GLUE: I bought a new fabric glue the other day and I used it here today, and this one is by far the BEST fabric glue I have used!! And I have used many fabric glues before like in my Scrap Fabric DIY But this new glue had a great nozzle, the glue flowed better and the felt/felt bond was awesome! It’s supposed to work on fabric, felt, rubber and much more! You can find it here.
    DIY girls gift idea How to make an Unicorn book

How to make your Unicorn Book Tutorial:

In the below tutorial I am going to show you how to make an Unicorn Book, but really you could use this tutorial to make a felt book of any theme- think dog, cat, flower or even a simple monogram. And glueing felt to make something is so satisfying 🙂

Step 1:

Using the shears cut out all the shapes- two ears, a horn, a couple of leaves, and a few flowers. 
I simply free handed my shapes, and cut them as I went without a template. But if you would like a template showing all the shapes needed, leave me a comment below and I might make it happen. 

DIY girls gift idea How to make an Unicorn book
How to make an Unicorn book easy

As you cut the shapes, start placing them on the book front- to make sure the colors work together and that the sizing of everything is proportional.

DIY girls gift idea How to make an Unicorn book

Add more dimension by layering colors- like for the leaves, I added a whimsical blue layer beneath the green to add more drama.

DIY girls gift idea How to make an Unicorn book

Also, keep it simple. Like for the flowers, I did not go overboard with the details, instead I just layered three wonky circle shapes and called it good.

DIY girls gift idea How to make an Unicorn book felt

Step 2:

Now it’s time to cover our notebook/journal. I covered the whole book with a sheet of felt in this pretty aqua shade. If you don’t have a sheet of felt that is large enough to cover the whole book, you could use a good quality wrapping paper instead.

DIY girls gift idea How to make an Unicorn book

I had just enough felt to cover the book, but the fold over was pretty tight so I had to use some binder clips to hold the felt in place for a few minutes till the glue held.

DIY girls gift idea How to make an Unicorn book

Step 3:

Once the book has been covered and all the shapes cut, it is time to assemble! Glue down the ears and horn first. Then draw gold details onto the horn to add some dimension and shimmer! You could instead add glitter glue here too.

DIY girls gift idea How to make an Unicorn book

Add the flowers and leaves in place, layer all of them ever so slightly. Draw eyes with the black fabric paint.

DIY girls gift idea How to make an Unicorn book

Paint eyelashes on next. I mean look how cute that is! This dimensional paint adds all the drama you need. I know I said you could use a marker instead, but really don’t do that. Use this dimensional paint instead. If you need another reason to buy this paint- check out my How to hand letter on your T-shirt post. Yup, I used it there too.

How to make an Unicorn book photo tutorial

And that is basically it. That’s how to make your Unicorn Book or journal. Or use this idea to decorate anything rectangle in shape, maybe an unicorn jewelry box? Let everything dry and enjoy the squeals you will here when you gift this to your girl. I do not lie about this, my girl LOVED this book!

How to make an Unicorn book photo tutorial


Tips and Tricks:

  • While cutting felt, you can easily hold two or three sheets of felt together and cut out the same shape. This is a great method for making ears, flower petals and the leaves too.
  • Don’t have felt? No worries, try this exact technique with fabric or paper instead!
  • Always cut your felt pieces a little larger than you think you might need. While arranging everything in Step 3 you can easily trim off the excess, but its a big bore to go back and re cut something if it turns out to be too small.
  • Don’t expect the glue to hold everything immediately. Apply the glue as instructed (see next tip) and let it dry completely. I let it dry overnight and EVERYTHING was held in place 🙂
  • With this fabric glue, the instructions specifies that you need to apply the glue to both the surfaces- so make sure you add a dot to the leaf as well as a dot onto the felt cover like shown below.

unicorn notebook

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  1. Loved this project!! I’ve made decorated journals before using paper, but never thought about felt! Love this!

  2. What a sweet gift idea! My daughter loves journals and I think personalizing one like this is such a great idea!

  3. Soooo cute! I love the colors you selected for this project. I’m always hesitant to do any project that requires fabric glue, but I may have to cave and give this one a try.

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