How To Make A Tassel From Yarn

Have an odd ball of yarn or two? Learn How To Make a Tassel From Yarn in today’s step by step tutorial. These tassels can be used on knitted blankets, pillows, or even to jazz up a DIY bookmark!

Yarn Tassels are a great way to decorate a Chunky Knit Blanket or a Granny Square Blanket. You can make a tassel from a contrasting colored yarn or the same color of yarn you have used to make your blanket. A tassel adds the perfect detailing to finish off your projects!

how to make a tassel from yarn for a blanket
how to make a tassel from yarn

DIY Yarn Tassel Tutorial Video:

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In my newest YouTube DIY Yarn Tassel Tutorial Video you can see how to make a tassel from yarn and craft along with me!

How To Make A Tassel From Yarn Tutorial

What you will need: Cardboard, yarn, scissors, contrasting colored yarn optional.

1. Cut a piece of cardboard to size. I’ve used a 6.25 inches by 3.25 inches template.

how to make a tassel from yarn step 1

2. Wrap yarn around the cardboard- about 15 to 20 wraps for a full tassel. You can wrap more or less yarn as needed. You will still end up with a beautiful tassel!

how to make a tassel from yarn step 2

3. Cut off the yarn

how to make a tassel from yarn step 3

4. Using a contrasting colored yarn (same colored yarn will work too) insert under the top and tie all the wrapped yarn with a secure knot as seen below. Cut off the contrasting yarn leaving a good 4 to 6 inch tail.

how to make a tassel from yarn step 4

5. Slide the yarn off the cardboard carefully from the bottom.

how to make a tassel from yarn step 5

6. Wrap another length of the contrasting yarn just below the top- leaving about a 0.5 inches space. This will form the top ball portion. Finally trim ff the bottom edge into an even straight line using a sharp pair of long scissors.

how to make a tassel from yarn step 6

7. And that is how to make a tassel from yarn my friends! Repeat this process to make as many tassels as needed!

how to make a tassel from yarn step 7

I added these tassels to my V stitch crochet scarf and it finishes off the scarf with so much style! Making these tassels is a simple, repeating process and I love to play with my yarn while watching a tv show and make a set of tassels.


You can make these tassels with any kind of yarn or string, and each time you will have different results. There is no wrong way of making them, just make sure your scissors are sharp to cut that clean bottom edge. Below I used just one colored yarn and I love how cute these DIY tassels turned out!


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how to make a tassel from yarn

Once you have figured out how to make a tassel from yarn, you options are endless! You can use any YARN SCRAP you have and make tassels. Make sure to stop by blog for.more Knitting and Crochet project patterns and tutorials. Happy Crafting friends!

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