How To Draw A Book Step by Step + Printable

Hello friends! Today let’s learn How to Draw a Book Step by Step with a handy printable guide. These books would be great on your sketchbook, journal, or on DIY bookmarks.

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How to draw a book tutorial

How To Draw A Book Step By Step

  1. Draw two lines parallel to each to other, this will form the spine of the book
  2. Next, draw two curves to join the parallel lines on either end to make. If you want to draw similar curve lines inside the spine as decoration as well.
  3. To draw the front cover of the book, draw a parallelogram as seen in the image below.
  4. Finish off the book by drawing a parallel line to the front cover bottom and a curve to join it.
how to draw a book step by step

How To Draw A Stack of Books

  1. Start by drawing one book following the above tutorial. This will become the top book of the stack
  2. Next, draw another book beneath, but this one is only partially seen
  3. Finally add a third book beneath the first two, always creating different angles for the book placement to add more interest
  4. I love adding a simple flower doodles that adds a whimsical look to this stack of books
How To Draw A Stack of Books step by step

Once you have learnt how to draw a book and how to draw a stack of books, you can easily add more details, color it in or add simple quotes to decorate it further

How to draw a book tutorial

Book Drawing Easy Pdf Printable:

how to draw a book printable step by step

Print this step by step Book Drawing Easy Pdf that shows you how to draw a book step by step and enjoy some screen free drawing time!

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How To Draw Books Conclusion:

I hope you enjoyed todays How to Draw Books tutorial. These would look great in your sketchbook, journal or on handmade notecards. They are simple enough to draw but look so pretty on paper! Happy Drawing 🙂

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