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Why choose one color when you can have them all? This Rainbow Scarf Crochet Pattern works up quickly, is super colorful and will definitely make you smile. The pattern is very easy and you can complete it within no time at all so it makes a great gift.

This pattern is similar to my One Skein Crochet Scarf, in that we only need a single ball of yarn. No color changes like I did in this Rainbow Blanket Pattern. But the end result is still spectacularly colorful thanks to the multicolor yarn you use.

Rainbow Scarf crochet pattern Smiling Colors

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How wide should a child’s crochet scarf be?

A child’s scarf on average needs to be about 5 inches wide. You can make a skinnier scarf of 3 inches or go a little wider till 6 inches too. In general, a child’s crochet scarf should measure 3 to 6 inches wide.

How long and wide should a child's scarf be?

How long should a child’s scarf be?

This scarf measures approx 38 inches long. A child’s scarf should measure between 30 to 60 inches long depending on the height of the said child. We are all on the shorter side in our house so 38 inches was a good length.

How long wide should a child's scarf be?

Rainbow Scarf Crochet Pattern tutorial:

To follow along this Rainbow Scarf Crochet Pattern you will need one ball of Landscapes Yarn, in Boardwalk. This is an #4 worsted acrylic multicolor yarn, that is super soft to the touch, and recommends a Size J 6mm Crochet Hook.

landscapes yarn

The scarf works up quickly and is never boring because the color keeps changing! the project is compact and easily portable. I carried this one to my kids’ swimming classes, gymnastics and was able to finish it within a few days.

You can make this Rainbow Scarf longer by joining in another skein of yarn. I just crocheted until I ran out of yarn and called the scarf done.

quick scarf pattern

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landscape scarf pattern

rainbow scarf PAttern:

You can download the FREE pattern for this scarf –> Rainbow Scarf Crochet Pattern pdf (will open in new tab)

This Rainbow Scarf Crochet Pattern brings me so much joy! You can fold and flip the scarf around and see so many colors and the color transitions are really neat. I love working on simple small projects that can be completed quickly. Very satisfying to crochet and these scarves make quick gifts.

Here is how my finished Rainbow Scarf turned out. It is super cute, makes me smile and my daughter loves the bright colors! Let me know in the comments if this is a pattern you will be trying next!

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