How to use a Die Cutting Machine for CRAFTING

Hello friends! What is die cutting? Today I’m answering that question while getting crafty with my new die cutting machine! In this post, I’ll share an easy tutorial that will walk you through all the steps of die cutting.

I’m die cutting a bunch of flowers today and couldn’t be happier! This post was created in partnership with Crafter’s Edge. All opinions, project ideas, and craftiness are my own 🙂

crossover 2 crafters edge

What are die cuts used for?

You can use die cuts in scrapbooking, card making, making fabric quilts, and felt decorations.

How does a die cutting machine work?

Die cutting is using a metal die or shape to cut out similar shapes in multiples out of paper, fabric or felt. You apply enough pressure onto the die to cut the paper.

Every die cut machine comes with plates

Each die cutting machine comes with plates- these are just plastic rectangles they might be clear or colored. The idea is that a metal die and the object you wish to cut gets sandwiched between these plates. Some die cutting machines also have a metal plate (to cut fabric etc) or an embossing shim (soft and flexible that allows to emboss design onto paper)die cutting at home

Build your die cutting sandwich

To make your die cut sandwich- lay down your base plate first (this plate will get marked while being used, but that’s ok). Next on top of the base plate, lay your paper (or papers like I have here) followed by the die, with the cutting side down. Finally lay the top plate on top and feed this sandwich through the die cutting machine. die cutting multiple sheets of paper at once

Run your sandwich through the machine

Run the sandwich once or twice through the machine by rotating the handle. And then disassemble the sandwich to reveal the die cuts!crafters edge large flower die cut

Reveal your paper die cuts!

The paper might have got lodged into the die itself, but you can easily separate them to reveal beautiful die cut paper! If you are working with a smaller more intricate die design, you might need to use a craft pick to pop your paper die cut out.die cutting large flower

Like I mentioned before, the base plate will start getting marks and impressions the more you use it. This is just the die doing its work as it’s supposed to! After a few months or years, you might need to change out the plate if needed. die cutting plates

The Crossover 2 die cutting machine

I’ve used many die cut machines over the years my friends, and here is my quick review of the Crossover 2 die cutting machine by Crafters Edge.

die cutting at home
  • It cuts not just paper! I have tried this machine with felt and fabric as well and it cuts intricate designs beautifully!
  • Cuts thicker items: I was able to cut 5 sheets of cardstock at one go and also multiple layers of wool felt too. I’ve tried this machine with thick 140lb watercolor paper successfully too!
  • It comes with adjustable rollers! This was groundbreaking for me. I had never seen a die cut machine before where you can alter the pressure applied by moving the rollers. I’ve always added extra papers, shims, or felt sheets to increase the pressure. But in this machine, you can easily adjust the pressure from 0 to 20 by simply turning the dial!
  • Easily cuts multiple layers: Be it paper, wool felt, or adhesive-backed fabric- this machine easily cuts through layers and saves time. And the plates go through easily- you are not wrangling the machine at all! The Crafter’s edge website says 6 sheets at once.
  • Folds and Stores: The machine folds into half to form a compact size that sits on a shelf nicely. The machine is a bit heavy, but not too heavy that I can’t lift it easily.

The most fascinating feature for me is this dial here- you can adjust it to increase or decrease the pressure applied to your die cut sandwich with the touch of a dial! This is so innovative and intuitive and makes die cutting SO much easier! 🙂 🙂 🙂

die cutting paper

crossover 2 crafters edge

I hope enjoyed my Die Cutting Machine post today! Happy Crafting!

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