How to paint Galaxy Watercolor Bookmarks in 7 easy steps

Sharing these absolutely fun Galaxy Watercolor Bookmarks that I made with the kids today! This uses the Watercolor + Salt technique that I’ve shared before and highly recommend trying.

DIY bookmarks are a great size to explore new art techniques! A perfect mini canvas size to paint on.

galaxy watercolor bookmarks

What I’ve used: The paper is a watercolor paper from Canson Paper (I trimmed the paper to make bookmarks that measure 2 by 7 inches) and used my Tombow Dual Brush Pens as watercolor. Any watercolor would work for this technique!

How to: I taped down the bookmarks with this masking tape first. Taping the watercolor paper is super important as this allows us to add as much water to the paper without having it buckle or curve. Then draw stars and shine with this glue pen. Paint all over with the watercolors, and then sprinkle with salt liberally while the watercolor is still wet. Rub off the salt once dried. Peel the tape off to reveal pretty Galaxy Watercolor Bookmarks!

Galaxy Watercolor Bookmarks:

  1. Tape down and add glue pen details
glue pen resist

2. Scribble color with Brush Pens

brush pen scribbles

3. Add droplets of water

water drops from water brush

4. Blend and mix colors

color blending rainbow

5. Sprinkle with salt

rainbow bookmarks galaxy

7. Let salt dry and rub off, and that’s it!

salt watercolor

A Rainbow Galaxy for my Rainbow art challenge seemed like a great idea today!

Enjoy the Galaxy Watercolor Bookmarks the video here


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