How to create Crayon Resist with Stencil + 3 examples

Create an “how did she do that” page in your sketchbook easily using the Crayon Resist with stencil Technique. You only need a crayon from your kids supplies to try this.

In this post, I continue on the Watercolor Resist Technique but incorporate stencils in for a fun twist. If you have never used stencils before, make sure to start by reading this How to use Stencils post first.

One of the most fun ways to paint is this WATERCOLOR SALT TECHNIQUE. And if you enjoyed that post, today we will create easy resist patterns and have fun with our watercoloring.

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Crayon Resist with Stencil tutorial

Let’s start with a quick overview tutorial of how to create a crayon resist with stencil

1. Tape your stencil down

Center you stencil and tape it down using some tacky tape. You can also use a sticky spray adhesive instead, but the idea here is to have the stencil stay in place and not move while we work on it.

2. Rub a crayon over the stencil

Color into the open stencil areas with a white crayon. Just a basic crayon from your kids schools supplies will work. If you don’t have it, try using a white candle instead. Make sure to color all the open cut out areas of the stencil completely. Take your time here, and tilt your paper to the light to see the crayon residue on the paper.

3. Remove the stencil

Peel off the tape and carefully lift off the stencil. The crayon stencil design we have on the paper will now resist the watercolor. Stencils with large open areas works best for this technique. If you are using a stencil with a finer design, try sharpening your white crayon and coloring in the stencil carefully.

4. Paint with your watercolors

Apply your watercolors onto the paper now, and you will immediately see the crayon resist and push the watercolor away. The watercolor reveal of the stencil pattern is always fascinating and exciting! Let your watercolor dry and you are done!


Written tutorial for this page can be found here

turtle watercolor stencil


Watch the Video Tutorial for this Crayon Resist with Stencil.



Enjoy the Video Tutorial for this

Video Tutorial

watercolor resist technique

Crayon Resist with Stencil is such a simple technique and I sure you have a stencil of some kind at home and a crayon already! I hope you try this and make sure to tag me on social media @smithakatti #smithakatti, I’d love to see 🙂

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