Creative Flower Doodles

Get inspired with these 20 creative flower doodle designs! Perfect for adding a touch of nature to your art. These easy floral doodles are so relaxing and forgiving to draw.

My favorite thing to do, is simply pick up my pen and draw – like in this Simple Flower Drawing Tutorial and this Leaf Drawing Tutorial. It’s just simple lines drawn together to make a flower or leaf. Today I’m sharing 20 Flower Doodle Ideas with step by step tutorials and a printable guide to refer to.

flower doodle

Easy Floral Doodles VIDEOS:

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how to doodle flowers:

Flower 1:

Start by drawing a tiny circle and then another circle around it. Then add tiny semi-circles or U shapes around the outer circle. Next, add petals, one petal for every two small U’s. Add an outer line to each petal. For the leaf, draw one side first and then mirror that to complete the leaf shape.

flower doodle

Flower 2:

For this flower, start with a tiny circle and then add 5 petals around. Make sure these petals are smaller in size and don’t touch each other. Add larger petals around each of the smaller ones and outline them. Add leaves to the flower to the flower a

flower doodle

Flower 3:

Start with the center of the flower and then draw 5 petals around the center. These petals are more squarish in nature. And then fill each petal with straight lines. Finish off the flower with a few simple leaves around it.

flower doodle

Flower 4:

This flower leaf is probably my most drawn one! I never tire of drawing versions of this! Start with a circle for the center of the flower and then add heart-shaped petals around it. Add a leaf to the side and then add another leaf beneath the first. Finish off with a swirl and a smaller flower on the side.

flower drawing

Flower 5:

Start with a circle and fill it in with little rectangles. Then add simple circular shapes for petals around it. Make the flower larger with wonky squarish petals around it. Add a leaf bunch to finish it off.

flower doodle

Flower 6:

This one is very similar to flower 4 but has a little more character. Start by drawing a circle and another larger circle around it. Fill it up with long extended U shapes. Then add heart-shaped petals around the center. You can make the flower larger by adding another heart outline to each petal. Add a stem beneath and some leaves on either side of the stem.

flower doodle

Flower 7:

This is a great flower to doodle over a watercolor splotch. Start with a tiny circle and surround it with tiny petals. Surround each tiny petal with a larger petal. Then add a stem, another matching flower and finish it off with tiny leaves all around.

flower doodle

Flower 8:

Another favorite of mine! Start with a circle for the center and fill it in with lines. Add heart-shaped petals around it and then add more petals but make them wavy and uneven. Finish the flower off with leaves on one side and some tiny leaves on the other.

flower doodle

Flower 9 & 10:

Here are two simple flowers. For the first one, start with the circle center and surround it with simple petals. To make the flower larger, start adding more petals around but overlap each petal slightly while drawing. Finish off with a pair of leaves.

For this last flower, start with a circle in the center and add heart-shaped petals around. Then just add another flower, leaves and a few dots to look like berries. This is a great filler flower that you can use in smaller areas.

flower doodle

10 MORE easy flower doodles

DOWNLOAD THE PDF: Click here to download the Step by step Printable guide.

Smitha KAtti10 more flower doodles step by step printable

More Doodle Tutorials:

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Have fun doodling something colorful and simple today- it doesn’t have to be fancy and detailed always!

So there you have it! Easy Flower Doodles step by step illustrated for you. I hope you enjoy these!

You can start practicing these flower doodles on any paper with any pen or pencil. These simple doodles would look great in your sketchbook, dot journal, or planner.

I use a MONO permanent marker but really any black pen or even a pencil would work great to practice these.


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