How to draw a chrysanthemum with a free worksheet

I love drawing and painting flowers and in today’s post, I’m sharing an easy step by step tutorial showing you how to draw a Chrysanthemum that even you can recreate!

I’ve previously shared a Leaf drawing step by step tutorial that you all loved. So I’m hoping this How to draw a chrysanthemum tutorial will make you pull out your pen and paper and start drawing right away!


You can start drawing on any paper with any pen or pencil. Enjoy 🙂

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How to draw a chrysanthemum:

Step by step instructions to draw a chrysanthemum

Total Time: 25 minutes

With your pencil, start by drawing two circles that look like a donut!How to draw a chrysanthemum smitha katti1

Add petals outside of each circle. These petals should look like tall elongated upside-down U shapes. Wiggle your pencil and vary the shapes of all of your petals. This flower has a ton of petals and try to make each petal unique.How to draw a chrysanthemum smitha katti2

Draw another layer of petals with your pencil overlapping the first layer of petals. How to draw a chrysanthemum smitha katti3

Continue in the same manner adding more and more overlapping petals with your pencil. Vary the angle, size, and length of each petal as you draw them. How to draw a chrysanthemum smitha katti5

Using a fine tip black pen, start from the center and work outwards to trace over the pencil sketch. How to draw a chrysanthemum smitha katti6

Keep tracing your pencil lines till the flower is complete. Add a few leaves to finish the sketch. How to draw a chrysanthemum smitha katti7

Optional, add a pop of color to your flower by watercoloring on top. I like using this oil-based black pen for drawing so that it will not bleed when I watercolor on top. draw a chrysanthemum

Click here to download a printable guide for the chrysanthemum

So there you have it! Simple 5 steps to draw a chrysanthemum or spider mum in your sketchbook.

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