Mushroom Drawing EASY in 5 steps + FREE Printable guide

I love drawing flowers but today I’m trying something different. This Mushroom Drawing Easy has just 5 steps and turns out so colorful, so let’s get started!


I’ve previously shared a Leaf drawing step-by-step tutorial that you all loved. So I’m hoping this Mushroom Drawing Easy tutorial will make you pull out your pen and paper and start drawing right away!


Drawing mushrooms is an easy way to practice your art skills. This tutorial will teach you how to draw mushrooms in four steps. You can start drawing on any paper with any pen or pencil. Enjoy 

how to draw a mushroom step by step

To draw this colorful Mushroom, I used Tombow Dual Brush Pens

  1. With the Dual Brush Pen 910, draw the stalk/ stump for the mushroom first. 
  2. With Dual Brush Pen 912, draw the underside of the mushroom in
  3. Draw circle outlines with the Dual Brush Pen 845 and then color them on the top of the mushroom. I love how this red color looks!
  4. Finally, add a few springs of grass with the Dual Brush Pen 177
  5. With the MONO Drawing Pen, draw thin radiating lines to finish off the mushroom!
Easy Mushroom Drawing Step by step colorful


Here is another version, to draw this mushroom, start with a base stalk or stem. Add a few frills on top, and then the mushroom head. Finish off with dots to fill the mushroom! Now, wasn’t that easy?

Click here for this printable guide for the Mushroom


mushroom line drawing

For these easy Mushroom Line Drawings, simply pick up your pen and start doodling. Check out the reference images used linked below.

Practicing with simple line drawings is a great way to understand the shape of the different mushrooms and improve your skills

TIP: If you are unsure of the shapes to draw, start with a pencil and erase to your heart’s content before committing to the pen!

Mushroom line Drawing


You can add small leaves, florals, etc to the mushroom to make it whimsical! Just that little pop of yellow in our sketch adds so much more to the mushroom story here.

Mushroom Drawing Easy and Cute: REEL Version + Longer YouTube Tutorial.



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I used these three beautiful images from the Unsplash website as my reference while drawing the mushrooms today.

Why Should you Draw Mushrooms?

With autumn in the air, I tried to reflect the season in my sketchbook by drawing something so quintessentially fall. The red color pops off the page and the basic mushroom shape is not that difficult to draw at all.

My Mushroom Drawings were not only easy but very satisfying too. I’ve loved adding these mushrooms to my journal spreads and sketchbooks to create something botanical or autumn themed.

So pull out your markers or gouache and follow along with this Mushroom Drawing Easy tutorial friends. Or simply sketch the mushrooms with a pencil or pen. All of the options are great! I can’t wait to see what you will be creating.

Mushrooms come in so many different colors and shapes, I can’t wait to explore and draw more!

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