Have you tried Art Journaling?

Filling my Art Journal pages with florals and inspirational words is one of my favorite things to do and anyone can do it! Pull out your Sketchbook or Bullet journal and simply have fun adding words + color to the page. There is no wrong way to do this!

An easy way to bring a little positivity into your day is to maintain an Art Journal.

 hand lettered quote art journal

What is an Art Journal?

A journal is a notebook where you express your thoughts, feeling or mood using words. An Art Journal is a notebook where you express those same things but with color, paint and words. An Art Journal is truly a reflection of who you are, so whatever you create on the page is a celebration of you! There are no rules, and you can use any art supplies you already have and just enjoy.

In today’s tutorial, I’ll be using a Brush Pen to Brush Letter a quote. Then with a simple Brush Pen drawing technique, I’ll show you how to add colorful flowers to finish off the Quote Art Journal Page!

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Watch the Video Tutorial of this Quote Art Page here https://www.instagram.com/p/CE9rZNNHsWY/

For this page, I used my Archer and Olive dot journal along with Tombow Dual brush pens: Color numbers- 243, 195, 946, 703, N35

Step by step tutorial to create a quote art journal page using brush pens or markers.

Total Time: 20 minutes


Using an Ochre Yellow marker, draw the outline of petal and then fill it in with color. Draw and color 5 petals for each flower, leaving a small circle center area blank. Scatter and draw three flowers on your page (if you look carefully these flowers seem to form the nodes of a triangle: This is called a visual triangle) varying the sizes. Don’t make all the flowers the same size, make at least one flower slightly smaller to add more interest to your design. bujo quote page tutorial1


Draw larger flowers now using a Pink or Mauve shade marker. These flowers have heart shaped petals and again a blank circle in the center. quote lettering tutorial


Using a light blue colored marker add leaves around the page. Simple elongated oval shapes to fill in the areas between the flowers. I like this teal color for leaves instead of green to give a modern color vibe. bujo quote page tutorial brush pen


Now go in and add the centers to the flowers, and then scatter smaller ochre leaves and dots of pink around the page. bujo quote page tutorial flower


Add some details with a darker green color marker and just add quick lines to the leaf centers to create leaf vines. marker florals


Pencil in the quote to make sure all the words fit neatly on the page. Do not apply too much pressure to the pencil so that your lines are light and easily erasable once the Quote Art Journal Page is done.
Trace your pencil lines with a black marker. I am using a brush pen here and quickly lettering in the quote.journal quote page tutorial brush pen


Once the ink has dried erase the pencil lines to finish the page!journal quote page tutorial

Art Journal VideO:

If you have never created an Art Journal Page, pull up a chair and paint along with me in my this Have you tried Art Journaling Video!

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art journaling

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