How To Use Face Mask Dies to cut Fabric

Today I’m trying out the popular Face Mask Dies by Crafter’s Edge which die cuts layers of fabric easily and helps you make masks quickly. With schools opening, wearing a mask is the safest bet these days. It’s a great idea to make a bunch of these to have on hand!

If you have never die cut before, I was happily surprised with the Crossover 2 die cutting machine can do it all. I show you easily die cutting fabric can be!

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face mask dies different sizes

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Supplies you will need:

crafters edge face mask die

How to use Face Mask dies: Step by step tutorial:

Below I show you how to die cut and assemble your face mask.

Total Time:

Fold your fabric so that right sides are together and place die on top. You will need two different fabric layers, one for the inside and one for the outside of the mask.

die cut fabric mask

Run your die sandwich through the die cut machine

crossover 2 fabric die cut size

Sew along the top curved edge with your sewing machine

sewing face masks

Open out the seam and iron. Seen here is the small size of die.

IMG 7809

Now fit the two masks into each other, with the right sides facing each other.

IMG 7810

Back to the sewing machine, and now sew along just the top and bottom.

steps for sewing a face mask

Turn the mask inside out, iron and then pin the elastics in place

adding elastic

Carefully sew the sides with a top stitch. I like to go over the elastics a couple of times to make sure it is secure in place.

using sewing machine for face mask

And your mask is ready to be worn!

This is the simplest way to explain how to sew a mask. small size mask

Easy Mask cutting:

The ease of cutting multiple fabrics at once with a single run through the die cut machine is the best part! This speeds up the mask making process nicely.

diy face mask tutorial step by step

What size masks can you make with these Face mask dies?

The Face mask dies set comes with 4 sizes of dies. Smallest, small, medium and large. I never really tried the smallest size, that would seem to work best for babies or toddlers.

three sizes of homemade masks

The small size though fits my youngest daughter (8 years old and petite) and would work well for toddlers and pre schoolers.

The medium size. It was absolutely the perfect size. This size fits me and my 10 year old best and actually fits my husband as well. He did prefer the large size as it covered more of his face.

Pictured below- all three of us are wearing the medium size masks. It’s a little loose on my younger one in the group photo but she wanted to wear it for just the photo as it matches. I ended up making a matching one in the smaller size for her later. You can see on the right that the small size fits her snugly.

What elastic should you use for making a face mask?

I would recommend using a 1/8th inch elastic for the ear loops. You can alternately use a 1/4inch elastic as well if you want them to super sturdy.

I searched online and purchased two colors of elastic- a black and white and while they both are 1/8th inches I felt that the flat black one sat better on our faces.

elastics for face masks on amazon

How long should the elastic be for a face mask?

You’ll need 2 elastics to make each mask. Additionally, make sure to insert about 0.75 to 1 inch of the elastic into the mask while sewing.

  • Small size mask: 7.25 inches long
  • Medium size mask: 7.5 inches long
  • Large size mask: 8.5 inches long
how long should your elastic be for a face mask

What is the best size for a face mask?

I would definitely recommend the medium size face mask die. In my first sitting, I made 2 large, 6 medium and 3 small sized masks for my family. I used up a bunch of small fabrics (in such pretty prints) that I had collected over the years. It felt great to put them to good use.

using face mask dies to cut fabric quickly

Let me know what you think of these masks below in the comments or if you have any questions about the face mask dies!

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