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DIY Hot Glue Book Binding with Video Tutorial

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Making your own book at home couldn’t be easier when you use a DIY Hot Glue Book Binding. I try this technique today in my video and I am impressed with how easily (and quickly!) this book comes together!

DIY Hot Glue Book Binding

Hello Friends! Today I am making and sharing a really fun tutorial. I am calling it “My Happy project”- I saw this post on instagram and was inspired to write down one thing that made me happy each day. And of course, me being me decided to make a book of it! I made a handmade book from scratch and a DIY Hot Glue Book Binding that is so easy and quick!

This book has already proved to be such a success in my house! It started out as a book where I wrote down something from each day that made me happy. But quickly, within a few days this became a family project. Now every day, before bedtime, one of us – My husband, my daughters or I write about what made him/her happy that day. And I cannot tell you how happy that makes my heart.


If you are a visual learner like me, you will enjoy the video tutorial more than anything I can type here. Click on the video box below to watch or click here to watch it on Youtube in HD. If you like my videos, please Subscribe to my channel!


Below is a grid of supplies I actually use in the video. But really, this is a super simple book to make and as a paper crafter you might already have everything needed on hand. Just use what you have.


I chose to make the inside pages of this book all colorful and rainbow like. But you could make this book in any color of your choice! I would recommend that you use cardstock for the pages – the ones I use are of a 65lb quality here. You want to trim all of your pages to the same size and then fold them in half each.

rainbow book

Hold all the pages together with a few strong binder clips and then go to town with the hot glue! Slowly and carefully apply an even amount of hot glue all along the book spine. The slower you apply the glue the better. And make sure to keep your fingers safe and don’t burn them! See my hot glue gun in action in this video. Go ahead, click on the video!

DIY Hot Glue Book BindingThe final result is a joyful little book. The DIY Hot Glue Book Binding comes together so quickly and that makes this a super satisfying book to make. I had so much fun making this book and then decorating the cover.

hot glue book

My happy project

I think the idea of writing down something you are thankful for each day is a great practise. I have done this before, but usually jsut for the month of November and it always brought so much positivity into my life. This project is a great way to focus on the small things in life that make us happy but we take for granted. And you need not go and make a book of it- you can write down a thought on a piece of paper each day and fill a jar, or you could write it down on your phone or jot down something in your planner each day. Make this project yours and enjoy it!

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