10 Ways To Write I Love You Lettering Ideas

There are many Lettering Ideas that you can try- today let me share 10 ways to write i love you that are easy and beautiful!

Drawing alphabets in a fancy manner makes an art of writing words. I love doing this especially with names, words and quotes! Fancy need not mean difficult, just take your time today and explore these Easy Lettering Ideas!

Make sure to download and practice these FREE Lettering Worksheets that you can easily print at home itself!

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Lettering Styles YouTube VIDEO:

You can print the practice sheet (grab it at the bottom of this post for FREE!) and then try these easy lettering ideas along with me in my YouTube video. Click the video box below or head to 10 Easy Hand Lettering Styles Video


10 different styles of writing
  1. Shadow Lettering: Doodle or outline your letters and add a 3D effect to it by adding an outline shadow. Color in the shadow with thin lines.
  2. Monoline Script Style: Letter your words with a simple cursive style, but add a swoosh or style element to jazz it up.
  3. Faux Calligraphy: Letter your words with a cursive style- but go back in and add a second line to all the downstrokes to create a calligraphy like look. I have an entire blog post dedicate to Faux Calligraphy too!
  4. Simple Cursive: Use your basic cursive style to letter your words. Arrange your words close, or stack them one upon another. Add small doodles around the words.
  5. Negative Space Lettering: Use all upper case block letters. Outline them or fill them in with color. Draw a large heart around your words and fill in the heart with color to create a negative block lettering look.
  6. Funky Lettering: This is the most fun style ever! Mix and match all the font styles to create something uniquely you.
  7. Fat Filler Style: In this style, you are basically adding a ‘fat’ area to each letter and then decorating that area with some design. I used hearts here- but think stripes, dots, ombre color for unique looks. My favorite Fat Filler Style is this Flower Lettering.
  8. Monoline Lettering: The clean and simple all caps look that is timeless and graceful.
  9. Tall and Skinny Outline: Make your letters tall and skinny to change up the way your words look. This is a great trick for when you need to fit a lot of words into a small area on the page.
  10. Connected Script: This is basically a cursive or script look but you connect all the words to create a different look.

So there you have it! 10 easy lettering ideas for you to try out today 🙂

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what pens are best for hand lettering?

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10 ways to write i love you

hand lettering I love you

Click here to download: 10 ways to letter I love you worksheet


  • I recommend printing the worksheets onto smooth paper and then using a pen trace over the words slowly.
  • Another way to use these worksheets- place a sheet of marker paper or tracing paper on top of the printout and then brush letter onto that.
  • If you are into digital lettering, you can also use these to practice your iPad lettering.
  • Please understand that these worksheets are for personal use only. Print as many copies as you want. Do not redistribute or resell.
  • Feel free to use one image only and direct people to this blog post when sharing with others, and not to the direct pdf file. Thank you!

Thank you for stopping by today friends, I hope you enjoy these easy lettering ideas and styles and use them in your sketchbooks and journals!

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