Stuffed Felt Hearts with Die Cuts

Hello friends! Learn how to sew colorful Stuffed Felt Hearts using die cuts. These hearts are soft, beautiful and very easy to make!

Fiber crafts are so trendy these days, and honestly, it is just so relaxing to sit down with this craft idea for Valentine’s Day and mindlessly repeat the sewing. These felt hearts use a die cutting machine and you will see how easy die cutting felt can be!

felt hearts embroider

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How to make these Stuffed Felt Hearts:

Learn how to sew colorful stuffed Felt Hearts using die cuts.

Total Time: 1 hour and 19 minutes

Die cut your felt hearts in many colors

Select your felt colors and then die cut the heart shape. Read my tips for die cutting felt.

Die cut delicate hearts in a single color

Using a cream or any other neutral colored felt, die-cut these delicate hearts. This is an optional step, but that delicate heart looks so pretty and adds such a wow factor!Rococo_delicate_heart

Hand sew the heart

Create a sandwich of two same colored felt hearts. Place the delicate die on top. Using your embroidery floss and a needle carefully sew around the edge. Fill with some polyfil and sew shut.
You can also skip the sewing and use glue to stick the felt hearts together! embroider_hearts

Decorate the top with paint or more stitching

The final step is to add small tiny dots of Nuvo drops in a contrasting color to add more detail! I’m a mixed media kind of gal and am always looking for ways to bring in my paints!Nuvo_gloss_drops

Repeat and enjoy!

Make a whole bunch of these to use as decorations in a jar or even as ornaments!Felt_delicate_diecuts

I love how pretty these Stuffed Felt Hearts turn out and the pastel colors just make it so perfect for spring!

Mixed Media felt hearts

What you Will Need:

To make these Stuffed Felt Hearts I’ve used: Heart die | Delicate heart die | Nuvo drops

DIY Stuffed felt hearts

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