How To Make Felt Trays For Organizing

A fresh year always makes me go into a decluttering/ organizing frenzy and this year was no different. I started by organizing my art supplies, but quickly got distracted with this idea of making my own DIY Felt Trays or Felt valet tray to keep things corralled.

This is a simple Felt Craft Tutorial, that is colorful and useful. Instead of glueing felt, this tutorial uses staples!

Things to make with felt scraps

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felt valet tray Tutorial video

DIY Felt Trays, no sewing , 5 min craft


Here’s what I pulled out to make these Felt Trays- Felt Sheets- I had a few leftovers from this Merino Wool Blend Felt set that I had bought online. Each Felt sheet came pre-cut to a 6 by 6-inch size. I also grabbed my stapler- a basic stapler nothing fancy.

crafting with felt no sew


Easy step by step tutorial showing how to make Felt Trays for organizing your home

Total Time: 5 minutes

1. Line two sheets of felt and fold

Place a sheet of felt on top of another, line the corners, and fold along the center diagonal. You can choose two felt sheets of the same color or contrasting colors.

2. Staple the first corner

Holding the felt sheets firmly aligned with your left hand, a staple at the fold about 1 inch in as seen in the image below

3. Staple the opposite corner

Next, add a staple to the opposite corner. Open the central fold.

4. Staple the last two corners

Once you have the first two corners stapled in place, simply pinch and staple the third and fourth corners into place.

How to make felt trays

I made a bunch of these in various colors to create a cute set of Nesting Felt Trays here.

You will be able to see the staples on the side when done. If you would prefer a fancier finish you can sew the corners, add buttons or brads instead too!

felt catch all tray DIY

The next day, I used larger Craft Felt sheets (the basic ones you can buy at the craft store) and made larger Felt trays! These make a great catch-all on the countertops!

felt valet tray

The smaller felt valet trays can easily be used to divide and organize drawer insides too.

felt drawer dividers

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I simply love how quick it was to make not one but a bunch of these Felt Trays! We have black counters in our kitchen and both my husband and I have black phone cases- so my first Valet Felt Tray was used to create a home for the phones on our countertops. So easy to find them now!

What would you use these Felt Trays for in your home?

This is a very versatile craft- you can use fabric scraps with interfacing along with felt to make beautiful designs. You can make them in colors to coordinate with your home, and the best part is, you probably have the supplies for this already in your craft room. Happy crafting!

DIY felt tray

Thank you for being here today and spending some creative time with my friends! I’m so thankful for your kind words and support.

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