How To Use The Cricut EasyPress Mini For Best Results

If you like creating unique T shirt designs using heat transfer, let’s explore how to use the Cricut Easypress Mini get better results and make your project go quicker + easier

I love sharing T- shirt ideas for you to try and if you have been thinking about heat transfer methods start here by learning How To Use Iron On Vinyl. I recently purchased the Cricut Easypress Mini, and let me walk you through a project and show you how it works!

cricut easypress mini

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What is a Cricut EasyPress Mini used for?

The Cricut Easypress Mini is a heating tool that is small in size but great in impact. It is used to add heat to your heat tranfer projects, and is lightweight, portable, and easy to store. It also comes in many cute colors to match whatever Cricut machine you own!

Is The Cricut EasyPress Mini Better Than An Iron?

In my previous tutorial How To Use Iron On Vinyl I have used a regular iron to do the heat transferring. So, yes, an iron you already have at home will definitely work.

I like the Cricut EasyPress Mini for two main reasons- the bottom is weighted and so it applies greater pressure alongside the heat. While using an iron, you will need to press the iron down and apply more manual pressure for successful results.

The EasyPress Mini also comes with an insulated base and an auto-shutoff feature. It is tiny in size but mighty.

Is The Cricut EasyPress Mini Better Than An Iron

What can you make with Cricut EasyPress Mini?

The tiny size makes it perfect for smaller projects and going in between buttons and seams. Today, I am going to use it to make a T shirt design.

Cricut EasyPress Mini Temperature Guide

The EasyPress has three temperature settings- low, medium and high. For iron on vinyl I used the high setting. The light will conveniently turn to red indicating that the machine is heating up and is not at the required heat level.

How Do You Use EasyPress Mini On T Shirt?

  1. Weed your design, and prepare for heat transfer
  2. Center the design onto the T shirt. I also like to iron and heat the T shirt itself before placing the design onto it
  3. Apply heat using the EasyPress. I like to heat each area for about 45seconds before moving to the next area
  4. Carefully peel off the protective backing
  5. Turn the T shirt inside out and apply heat onto the vinyl from behind as well

Once it is heat set, your T shirt is basically ready to wear. I love how this Jai Shree Ram design turned out!

Jai Shree Ram T shirt DIY

Supplies Used In This Project:

Can I use EasyPress Mini for large projects?

The EasyPress can be used for small to medium sized projects best. A T shirt design can easily be transferred, but anything larger will require some wait time for the EasyPress to come to full heat for best results.

Is The Cricut EasyPress Mini Worth It?

The Cricut EasyPress Mini is definitely small in size and convenient to use for T shirt designs or anything smaller- like a pencil pouch, small totes, caps, or baby clothes. For larger projects you might want to buy something bigger in size. While you can use an iron you might already own, the EasyPress Mini works better because of its unique ergonomic shape, handle, and weighted bottom!

I hope you enjoyed today’s How To Use The Cricut EasyPress Mini For Best Results article, let me know if you have used this machine in the comments below. Happy Crafting!

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