Death Valley Photos From Our Trip To The National Park!

Over Presidents day weekend, we visited the Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Parks and today I’m sharing all of my favorited Death Valley Photos with you!

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photos death valley national park

death valley photos

Why is Death Valley so famous?

Death Valley National Parks has seen some of the highest temperatures in USA at 134F!! The overwhelming beauty of the Ubehebe Crater (large volcanic crater 600 feet deep and half a mile across) is definitely worth the trip!

ubehebe crater death valley photos

Ubehebe Crater

The Ubehebe crater is a volcanic crater and I had not seen a crater of this size before! There is a path to walk around the edge, but it was a super windy day and we were short on time.

ubehebe crater

Is Death Valley The Lowest Place On Earth?

The lowest point of North America, is the Badwater Basin in Death Valley which is 282 ft below sea level.

badwater basin photos

Badwater Basin, Lake Manly:

During our visit in February 2024, the basin was covered with shallow water reservoir called Manly lake which is very rare.

Due the historic rains of 2023 and the recent atmospheric rains in California the water body of Lake Manly had formed. The water accumulates over the salt flats and the lake water is saltier than that of an ocean!

The lake is shallow and you can easily walk on it and the land feels soft under your feet.

badwater basin lake manly death valley

Below is a panoramic view of the Badwater Basin, one of my favorite Death Valley Photos

lake manly death valley panaroma

More Death Valley Photos, we spent a lot of time at the Lake Manly site because it was our favorite spot.

salt flats lake manly
photos death valley
lake manly death valley photos
badwater basin death valley
death valley photos

Death Valley National Park Night Sky

Since both our kids love astronomy and stars, we were excited that Death Valley was one of the few dark zones in USA. The night sky is not contaminated by lights and you can easily stars. We visited on a day where the moon was waxing, but were still able to see some constellations.

One of the best places in Death Valley for star gazing is the Zabriskie point. The parking lot has a lot of space, it is easily accesible from the road and the sky view is awesome!

death valley national park night sky

Planning your trip:

  • We visited Death Valley National Park as a day trip. We rented a car and drove from Las Vegas. If you would prefer to skip the night driving, The Inn at Death Valley looked like a beautiful place to stay!
  • Mobile network connections are very spotty in the park, as is to be expected. Make sure you have planned your driving routes beforehand and also pick up a map or snap a picture of the park map to refer back to.
  • The Artists Palette, Scotty’s Castle, are other great spots to visit and view. Both of these were closed during our visit due to debris on the roads.

I hope you enjoyed these Death Valley Photos and thank you for stopping by my blog today!

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