How To Make Easy Diwali Cookies

Whether you are a seasoned baker, or a newbie, these Eggless Diwali Cookies are super simple to make and so colorful to decorate! Thanks to the help of some store bought icing, you can make a bunch of these quickly for a party or to share as gifts.

I love sharing easy doable Diwali Craft Ideas with you all- like How to Make a Clay Diya at Home, How to Draw a Diya in 4 Easy Steps, Free Printable Happy Diwali Card and Free Printable Rangoli Designs to Color. These are all simple crafts that I have enjoyed making at home with my girls.

diwali cookies that you can make at home

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How To Make Diwali Cookies Easy

To make my Diwali cookies, I chose to use a basic 4 inch circle cookie cutter here today. I had one on hand already, and the curve of the circle mimics the shape of a diya. You can also use a special diya cookie cutter to make fancier shaped cookies like Pink Chai Livings’ Diya Shaped Chai Spice Sugar Cookies.

Eggless Diwali Cookies Recipe:

I chose to bake my cookies today and I used my favorite Eggless Shortbread Cookies Recipe. This cookie is delicious, buttery and a luxurious holiday treat. You can easily skip the baking, and buy premade cookies and focus on the cookies decorating instead 🙂

eggless Diwali cookies Shortbread

Cookies Decorating: What you will need:

While I enjoy baking cookies, and find it relaxing, I also took short cuts here, and bought premade icing that come with convenient nozzle tipped packages. Here is what all you will need (and can easily add to cart for a Walmart pick up!)

great value cookie icing premade

How To Easily Make Designs On Cookies:

  1. Squeeze the icing package to draw an outline of a flame shape. Since this was my first time using this Cookie Icing, I tried it out first on a piece of scrap parchment, to figure out how much pressure needed to be applied to the packet + nozzle.
  2. Slowly add more pressure and fill the entire flame shape with the icing. This step is called flooding in cookies decorating terminology- where you fill an outline shape with an even layer of icing.
  3. Switch icing colors and draw an outline of a diya. Check out this post for more ideas on How to Draw a Diya. Flood the Diya with color and add a contrasting color to the inside of the diya shape.
  4. Finally, draw designs/ details on top using the white cookie icing and drop in small sugar pearls to further decorate.
how to easily decorate Diwali cookies at home

The cookie icing is surprisingly easy to use- it flows out of the nozzle smoothly, dries pretty quickly and evenly. The icing dries to the touch in a few hours, but I would let it dry overnight if you are planning to mail these out to friends.

Diya cookie with frosting

I love all of the beautiful color options you can create for your Diwali cookies! Have fun mixing and matching patterns and colors!

diwali cookies that you can make at home

Tips for Cookie Decorating:

If you have never made cookies before, this is still a totally doable project! Here are few tips to keep in mind:

  • Start by cutting the smallest nozzle on the cookie icing. This premade pack, comes with an attached nozzle that has three different markings notched for easy cutting. To maintain control of the icing, choose the smallest tip.
  • Practice drawing with icing on a scrap piece of paper first. Go slowly for the first few cookies, and even if you make a mistake remember you can always go back a redraw around your lines.
  • Keep a pile of toothpicks ready to use. You can scrape up icing off of the cookie immediately if you do not like how it looks with the toothpick. I also like using the toothpick to help spread the icing out evenly.

Below are two products I bought, but did not end up using for my cookies decorating this time. This Writing Icing would be great to write the words “Happy Diwali” onto the cookie and Gold Edible Dust would add a great shimmer! I plan to use these and am adding them to my stash.

cookie decorating

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I absolutely love how my platter of Diwali Cookies turned out! The bright colors and pearls make these cookies perfect for the festive season and the cookies decorating is a great fun activity to do with the kids. I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial friends!

Diwali Cookies Decorating

Thank you friend, for being a part of this little internet corner of mine. I wish you and your family a sparkling Diwali filled with joy, happiness and prosperity! May the light of the diyas banish all the darkness.

easy Diwali Cookies Tutorial

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