How to Sew a Quilted Bag with Zipper

I have one last project to share for National Sewing Month. A fun quilted bag tutorial that is requires just some fabric and time.

Sewing a bag/purse for myself?! This one was one of the scariest projects I have ever undertaken. A quilted bag tutorial. Check out more easy Fabric Craft Ideas on my blog like these – How to make a Puff Quilt in 5 Step with Video, How to sew a Ruffled Flower Pillow cover and How to Make a Keepsake Baby Clothes Quilt

But in the end, this quilted bag came together smoothly, I was amazed myself. Sewing a zipper, lets check that off my list of things to learn 🙂

Quilted bag tutorial

You can find a step by step tutorial for this quilted bag, with photographs describing how to assemble it all together at the Fiskars site here.


This is one tutorial you won’t want to miss!

The quilting on the bag is really detailed, but the pattern of my fabric helped me a lot here. I have a basic, very simple sewing machine, and thus only quilted straight parallel lines.


On the day I was photographing this, (well really, we were photographing it, my hubby was angel and helped out so much!) this little girl refused to leave my side, and is in almost 35 of the 40 photos we took 🙂

Somedays, thats just how it rolls!

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Now I a gotta go and turn off the computer! We are doing a Technology free weekend- or as my hubby tweeted a digital detox- and it starts right about now! No phone, computer, tv or iPad. I think the “No tv” was the hardest for us to digest. We are allowing the DSLR to be used though— we plan to take some fall pics!

Will be back on Monday!



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