How to do Lettering on iPad 3 ways

Lettering on iPad is so easy and once you learn it your options are endless. Digital Lettering is a such a convenient, waste free way to improve your skills

Procreate Hand lettering

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How to do Lettering on ipad?

Digital lettering is basically lettering on iPad or a tablet using an Apple Pencil or a compatible stylus. You use the digital pencil to hand letter on the iPad. Your iPad becomes your sketchbook and your Apple pen (which comes with a pressure-sensitive tip) becomes your brush pen. The options for color, page sizes, brushes available are endless really!


I started digital lettering a few years back, practicing on my husband’s iPad Pro. He has the larger 12.9 inch screen and it is basically like a 9 by 12 sketchbook. Large screen area that is very nice to hand letter on. BUT I personally find the large ipad bulkier and could get heavy depending on the case you use.

In early 2020 I splurged and got an iPad for myself, but bought the smaller screen size one. One, it was cheaper, and two it’s easier to carry around. It took a bit of time for me to adjust to the smaller screen size because I had to make my lettering strokes thinner. But I’ve now come to love this size and enjoy lettering on it! I would highly recommend it for lettering.

ipad lettering sizes

(left) iPad Pro (2nd Gen) 2017 12.9 inches with Apple Pencil | (right) Apple iPad Pro 2018 11-inch with Apple Pencil (2nd Generation)

What app do you use for lettering on ipad?

On my iPad, I use the Procreate app for my hand lettering.

Procreate Hand lettering what I use

Is the Procreate app free?

No. The Procreate app is not a free app. I have had it for many many years now and I think it was $6.99 way back when I bought it.

What I’m using here: Apple iPad Pro 2018 11-inch | Paper feel Screen Protector | Case that Supports Pencil Charging | Apple Pencil (2nd Generation) and Procreate App

What brush to use for lettering in Procreate?

ipad lettering

The Brush Pen option under Calligraphy is a brush that comes default with Procreate. I find that this brush is very similar to the Brush Pens that I use for hand lettering!

How this works: Since the Apple Pencil is pressure sensitive, if you press down you will create thicker strokes. If you press the Apple pencil lightly and use just the tip you can draw delicately thin lines.

3 Procreate Hand Lettering Tutorials:

1. iPad lettering for beginners: How to use Lettering worksheets digitally on your iPad

Grab my FREE Lettering worksheets and then watch this video, to see how I import pdfs into the Procreate app to trace over the alphabets.

Fiddle around with the thickness slider till you find a downstroke thickness that feels natural to you. I like it to be at about 40%

While lettering using Procreate, if you make a mistake, do a double-tap with two fingers to UNDO

lettering on ipad free worksheets

2. How do I Letter Quotes on my ipad

I’m sharing a step by step in depth look at how to use Procreate Lettering tools for creating a colorful quote.

Procreate Hand lettering
  1. Using the Calligraphy > Brush Pen Brush, hand letter your first word. Apply pressure to your Apple Pencil tip while writing to get thick and thin lines.
  2. Create a new layer for each new word. This way you can move it if you don’t like how it is centered.
  3. Using the Arrow select tool, reposition and resize each word till you like how it looks. Move words to sit snuggly together.
  4. Repeat these steps till you have lettered your entire quote.
Procreate Hand lettering quote

3. How to add ombre colors in Procreate Lettering

Watch the full Video Tutorial showing how to use a Clipping Mask

To add ombre colors to your quote-

5. Onto a new layer, letter the your word of choice. I’m using the word “Rainbow” for my example.

6. Next, create a new layer, change brush style to Gouache or any other Painting brush. You can further explore different brushes to create unique textures.

7. Add color to cover the entire word. Go in Rainbow color order, because why not?

8. Open layers, tap onto the color layer (top most layer) and then use “clipping mask”

Procreate Hand lettering clipping mask
Procreate Hand lettering tips
  • I personally like to create new layers for each word as it gives more flexibility to resize and have all the words sit snuggly without any wasted white space. If you prefer you can letter all the words onto a single layer itself.
  • For the color layer, try using different brushes- like watercolor, ink etc to create more texture!
  • You can add more color ever after clipping! If you feel like a little more color or even pattern is needed you can always add more on top.

More Procreate Lettering Examples

Watch the full Video Tutorial for “Storms font last forever

storms dont last forever

Procreate Lettering FAQS

Do you use the screen that makes it feel like paper?

This iPad was a total splurge gift to myself last year and yes I got the paper feel screen protector. I have used it for almost a year and would highly recommend it! It gives your Procreate Lettering that paper feel

I can’t seem to get the downstrokes thick?

With the Apple Pencil, you can press down pretty hard and not damage the tips. Also, try changing the thickness using the slider of the brush pen option.


Lettering on iPad is a great way to practice your lettering easily. It is stress free as you can easily undo mistakes on your ipad. I love sitting in my bed late at night and Lettering on ipad be it quotes or alphabets. I find the quietness and calmness it brings thoroughly satisfying!

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