Yarn stash busting projects: The 10 day quick knit

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If you are on the lookout for yarn stash busting projects, this tutorial makes a cute, cuddly, handmade baby blanket in just 10 days. So go and dig out your (ahem hidden) yarn stash for this handmade knit that would be perfect for your family or as a baby shower gift.

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Early last week, as I was typing up the Handknit color blocked afghan blog post, I found myself staring at the yarn pictures and yearning to start something new to knit. I have other projects waiting to be finished, canvases that are half done, fabric that has been cut, but all I wanted to really do was knit again. The sane part of me fought that impulse for all of 36 hours before caving in and reaching for my knitting needles. I started this project last Monday, and it got done this Wednesday; the 10 day quick knit! Filing this one under yarn stash busting projects.
For my blanket, I looked into my stash and picked out the colors I wanted, not caring about matching the gauge or type of yarn. Some are thick, some are thin and some have texture while others don’t. They all will come together in the end.Yarn wool strands textureFor a baby blanket, you want a finished size of about 30 inches by 36 (or upto 40) inches and I cast on 56 stitches for mine. I came up with that number by creating a small swatch and measuring my gauge. With the thinner yarn, I used two strands held together as one, and for the thicker ones I used just one strand. Mix and match different yarns and make sure that your swatch holds it rectangular shape. If your swatch looks wonky, that means those yarns wont work together, so choose different ones.learn how to knit easyOnce you have cast on, knit one row and then purl the next. Your basic Stockinette stitch.  If you haven’t ever knit before, its not as difficult as you think and I have an older blog post here that will walk you through the steps and help you learn to knit. Watch some Netflix or catch up Youtube videos and knit away!Baby blanket tutorial photoChange colors to form wide color blocked stripes. I made 5 total stripes- the lime green stripe is 6 inches tall, the pink is 10 inches tall, the white is 8 inches tall, the beige is 6 inches and the final mint green is also 6 inches for a total of 36 inches. Depending on how much of each yarn you have, make some stripes wider than the others. This is one of those great yarn stash busting projects where you can accomodate for the amount of yarn you have on hand.pastel colored handmade knitOnce your blanket reaches 36 inches, cast off loosely. Since the entire blanket was knit in stockinette stitch, the blanket curls a bit at the edges (as seen above). To help the blanket stay flat, I crocheted a single crochet border around all four edges of the blanket with the beige colored yarn.How to crochet a border onto a knit blanketThe border helps define the blanket nicely and adds a bit of contrast at places.knit and crochet


Ta da! The blanket is all done and boy is it super soft and cuddly. This would be perfect for a baby to play on, or to cover a baby’s stroller or as a prop for infant photography. The beauty of the blanket lies in the colors and textures.yarn stash busting projectsbaby_striped_knitspink_pastel_handmade_knitsFOLLOW ME: INSTAGRAMTWITTERFACEBOOKPINTEREST

Craft Supplies

textured yarns pastel colors   Yarn from your stash (of any texture and in a color palette that you choose), Circular knitting needles Size 17 US (or 12.5mm) and a Crochet hook Size N US (or 9mm). See the footnotes for more details on the yarns I chose.

• Lion Brand Yarn 925-156C Baby’s First Yarn, Beanstalk  ——  http://amzn.to/2Bi5mRO
• Red Heart E728.9770 Soft Yarn, Rose Blush  ——  http://amzn.to/2l5KNl5
• Bernat Super Value Yarn – Grass  —— http://amzn.to/2BXjRax
• Susan Bates Acrylic Crochet Hook Set, Size L11/M13/N15/P16  ——  http://amzn.to/2z48JtJ
• Patons Classic Wool Roving Yarn Natural  ——  http://amzn.to/2iWiilQ
• Bernat Mega Bulky Yarn 88008 Aran  ——  http://amzn.to/2l3yzts
• Lion Brand Super Smooth Circular Knitting Needle Size US 17 (12.75mm) 29  ——  http://amzn.to/2l5p5hd

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23 thoughts on “Yarn stash busting projects: The 10 day quick knit

    1. Hi Amy! You could add a few extra stitches at cast on to make it wider. To make it longer just add an extra color or two for as many extra inches you need to add.

  1. I am new to knitting and have never heard “knot the first stitch of each and every row”. Could you explain please and give directions. Thanks!

  2. I bought some yarn to crochet a baby blanket but would love to try this to practice my knitting. I don’t have circular needles, and the largest needle I have are 15 US 14″. I have 5 skeins of red heart cutie pie DK weight yarn. Would that be enough to complete this?

    1. A smaller needle would work, but I am not sure how much yarn you would need. It would depend on your gauge and whether you are knitting one strand or double strand

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