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Rainbow Knit Blanket Pattern

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I’m sharing a colorful Rainbow Knit Blanket Pattern that is easy to make with an unique texture/stitch.

For my Rainbow knit Blanket Pattern, I wanted a nice chunky blanket, that was quick to knit but yet had some kind of texture to it. With my previous Handknit Color Blocked Afghan, I had used a garter stitch already, and with the Yarn stash busting knit blanket, I had used a stockinette stitch. I really was in the mood to try something new, and not the same old stitches again. But it had to be an easy mindless knitting, not needing a pattern on hand all the time.

So, I ended up making my own pattern/stitch.

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See how I got this texture using the Slant Stich by clicking the video box below or To watch the video in HD on YouTube, click HERE

How to make it

My Rainbow Knit Blanket Pattern uses 12 different colors of yarn: 2 pinks, 2 yellows, 2 oranges, 2 greens, 2 blues and 2 purple shades. All of the exact yarn colors I used are listed below in the supplies. But keep in mind that you can modify this to suit your style- you can use only Lion Brand Hometown USA yarns or only Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice yarns.

The main reason I mixed and matched these yarns – I had a few of each in my stash which I wanted to use up. But also, I was unable to find all the gradient of colors I wanted in just one brand of yarn.

For the number of stitches to cast on, the gauge, the measurements and needle size- scroll to the bottom of this post and find the “download here” button.

To achieve the same gauge with two different yarns- whenever using the thinner Vanna’s Choice yarn through out the blanket I doubled up the yarn- that is held two strands of yarn from two different skeins together as one.

If you were to knit this blanket using just one yarn, I would recommend the Lion Brand Hometown USA yarn in just these 6 colors- Minneapolis Purple, Detroit Blue, Oklahoma green, Syracuse Orange, Las Vegas Gold (or Pittsburgh yellow perhaps ) and Honolulu Pink. You will probably need 2 skeins of each color and you will have some spare yarn left over.
slant stitch free pattern knitThe texture you see below is the Slant stitch in action- with a S1, M1 and then PSSO the 2 stitches (watch the video!)
Knit slant stitchall done

This blanket made me smile the whole time I was knitting it. Every time I opened a new skein of yarn, it was like opening a gift. Now that it is done, I kinda miss its companionship, but my daughters are so THRILLED to have it. Oh gosh, their smiles will stay in my memory forever.

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Free printable pdf pattern rainbow knit blanket


  1. If you were to make this blanket using different colors of just Vanna’s choice yarn, you would probably need just 2 skeins of each color to make the entire 60 inch length. I have plenty of this yarn left over from this blanket, which I will be reusing of course, to make a scarf I think (but who knows?)
  2. While knitting with the Vanna’s Choice Yarn, hold two strands of yarn (from two skeins) together as one while knitting. With the Hometown yarn, there is no need to double up the yarn, it is naturally bulky.
  3. If you haven’t tried amazon.com for you yarn purchases- I highly recommend it! I found most of the Lion Brand yarns reasonably priced there and they often have sales/deals. If you are a Amazon Prime member, even better! With free Prime shipping, I’ve had a skein of yarn shipped to my doorstep for under $3.50. No driving in the winter with a pre schooler looking for yarn anymore 😉

For a printable version of this Rainbow Knit Blanket Pattern, simply click on the download button below and it will then open a pdf in a new window browser and you can print directly from there. Or you can then right click and select “Save as” to save it on your computer.

For personal use only, please credit while sharing or using elsewhere. Thank you.

Rainbow Knit Blanket

Like I have said many times earlier, knitting a blanket is a joy, but measuring the blanket and typing up a pattern with accurate information takes a lot more time than you would think. I would greatly appreciate it if you would share this post with a friend or relative who might find it useful. Or repin it hereCraft Supplies


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    1. Smitha

      It’s not that difficult to learn knitting. What’s difficult is not spending money and hoarding yarn 😉

  1. Jess @ Make and Do Crew

    I agree about hoarding yarn. I’m going to die in a tangle of unfinished projects 🙂 I love the colors you used for this blanket. They’re so cozy, while remaining hip. Pinned it!

    1. Smitha

      Thanks for pinning it Jess! I’m trying to focus this year- start a project and finish it. No multiple knitting projects in various stages in bags all around the house. It helped that this blanket was colorful and kept me interested 😉

  2. Betty

    Love your pattern! Colors are pretty! Thank you for the pattern I’m going to make one!

    1. Smitha

      Have fun knitting!!

  3. Pam

    Love the bright colors and the textured stitch. Perfect for cheering up the grey, grey days we’ve had lately. Thanks for the pattern!

    1. Smitha

      Thank you Pam! Color makes me happy too!

  4. Wow, that is such a lovely blanket!

  5. Faye Faraldo

    Hi, I make blankets for refugee babies that have nothing. Even better when I can make a quickie. Thank you and I love your colors and stitch.

  6. Jennifer

    Perfect timing for this pattern! I will use it for a boy’s graduation gift in masculine colors. I love the texture of your Smitha stitch! Thank you.

    1. Smitha

      Thank you! I hope you enjoy knitting it 🙂

  7. Dottie

    It is beautiful! I am just beginning to knit, and I love this pattern. How many skeins of the Lion Brand Hometown would be required for a single color blanket? Thank you

    1. Smitha

      For this size, you would need about 10-12 skeins I would think

      1. Dottie

        Thank you

  8. diva

    Hai dear! I am about to start this project but can I use a long needle instead of a circular one?

    I have tried the circular one but I have no idea why is it being loose? Thanks.

    1. Smitha

      You can use straight needles- but I’m not sure if all the stitches will fit on the needle? If it does, go for it!

    2. C

      I just made it on straigh needles. It was a little crowded but not to bad I didn’t want to buy new needles

  9. Alyssa

    Not sure if I’m missing this in the pattern, but did you do a K1 on the edges of all the rows as a selvage edge, or only on the slant rows? I[‘m excited to start this! =D

    1. Smitha

      I knit one on the slant row, the other rows I actually slip the first stitch knitwise as selvage edge. I think i might have missed mentioning that in the pattern. Thanks for asking!

      1. Alyssa

        Thank you for answering so quickly! Gonna get started now!

        1. Smitha

          Enjoy!!! Starting a new project is my favorite phase 💕

  10. Linda Smith

    Hi Smitha, I am going to try and knit the aftghan for my 5 yr old grandaughter. I know she will love all the colours. She is about 42 nches tall so will cover her well. Is it hard to work with two balls of wool at the same time to make it thicker. Dont they get tangled? Never tried the slant stitch . Good to try different things.

    1. Smitha

      It’s easy to knit with two strands. If u are unsure, you can wind two skeins into one first before knitting. Glad you liked the pattern!

  11. amor825

    Can you make the demo a bit slower? Or at least show the make1 stitch one step at a time? I tried doing it just looking at the video several times, but I am just a beginner, and could not follow. Thanks.

    1. Smitha

      Sorry the video is a bit fast. This is my first knitting video! I’ll try making a slower one next time!

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