Heart baby blanket knitting pattern

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A free Heart baby blanket knitting pattern that makes one super cute color blocked blanket using a bulky yarn that is quick to knit with!

Knitting a blanket is one my favorite ways to relax and unwind at the end of a long busy day and this heart baby blanket knitting pattern is one that is simply too cute!! I used pretty pink tones and LOVE how it turned out.

Heart baby blanket knitting pattern smith katti


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The entire blanket is knit using a circular knitting needle, going back and forth and not knit in the round. We need the circular needles here  to only accommodate the large number of stitches the blanket needs. This is a small baby blanket, but because of the bulky yarn the stitches are thicker and that’s also why the blanket knits up quickly!

I used 3 skeins of Lion Brand HomeTown USA yarn in Honolulu pink color, a 6-Super Bulky yarn, each skein is 5-Ounce (140 g), 81 yd (74 m). For the centre heart I used 4 skeins of Lion Brand Yarn Vanna’s Choice Yarn, Pink  which is a 4 Medium: Worsted-weight, each skein is 3-1/2-Ounce (100 g), 170 yards (156 m). Use any yarn you have on hand that meets the gauge requirement. But honestly, if your gauge is a little bigger, the blanket will just turn out a tad larger which is not that bad at all 🙂



Start your blanket with a nice garter stitch- knit every row. I used the Dark pink color yarn, this is the Lion Brand’s Hometown USA yarn that is a 6-Bulky yarn and it knits up super fast!!

Then we start our heart shape, but for the heart I used the Lion Brand’s Vanna Choice yarn that is a 4-Medium worsted yarn, so I doubled up the yarn throughout the blanket so that it would knit up nicely on my Size 11 needles. I simply loved the soft baby pink color so I chose to do this. You can simplify things by using the same brand yarn for the heart and blanket.


Two things that are very important to pay attention to here. Always twist your yarns at the back of your work while changing colors. This will ensure that you have no gaping holes in your knit work. Also, because of the Yarn over hole design I added around the heart, this blanket is not a beginner/easy blanket. It’s more of an intermediate blanket. If you are looking for an easy baby blanket pattern I would suggest to try this Corner to Corner knit baby blanket or my 10 day Quick knit blanket.




Once finished, the heart design is simply adorable!! It is not at all difficult to follow and I in the pattern I have also included a simple table that you can knit along too.


My blanket still needs to blocked, but I just HAD to photograph it before the sunset! I love that I mixed the garter stitch with the stockinette heart- it adds a nice element of texture to the blanket.



Please note, this Heart baby blanket knitting pattern is one of the most detailed pattern I have ever written, so if you find any typos or mistakes please let me know! I honestly think the heart pattern would be easier if you followed a chart and I am working on one for you.

Click here to download the pattern pdf.

For personal use only.


  • You can personalize this blanket by changing the colors of course! Make it a baby boy blanket with a blue and orange maybe or make a neutral blanket with a black and white color scheme.
  • Again, you can simplify this blanket project by using the same brand and thickness yarn throughout the blanket. You can also use the same stitch – ie knit the entire blanket in garter stitch (even the heart) or knit the entire blanket in stockinette stitch with a small garter border all around.
  • My favorite variation of this blanket would be a cream colored blanket with a rainbow heart center. You guys already know that I love a good blanket! (New here? Check out my Rainbow Knit blanket pattern!)
  • I LOVE the convenience of buying my yarns online. Where do you most often buy your yarns?


Here on my blog I have shared a number of yarn projects. Many of them are blankets, most of them are bulky knits that work up fast.  Check out all of Knitting and Crochet projects!

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