Corner to Corner Baby Blanket

Learn how to Knit this easy Corner to Corner Baby Blanket with a tutorial + FREE pattern. A quick, beginner-level blanket that easy to complete and makes a perfect gift for a baby!

I love sharing easy knitting ideas that are colorful yet easy to complete. Today’s Corner-to-corner baby blanket pattern uses the Garter Stitch alternating with Stockinette Stitch. This is the blanket I knitted over the long weekend and it comes together quickly. I have to say this is probably the fastest I have made a blanket- make sure to check out all of my previous Knitted Blanket Patterns!

corner to corner baby blanket with FREE pattern

The pattern and concept of this blanket are super simple and nothing new.

It’s an age-old pattern often called the Increase decrease pattern, C2C blanket, Diagonal knit blanket, or the Bias knit square blanket.

Whatever you call it is basically a blanket that you can just mindlessly knit- not much of a pattern to follow just rows of knits and purls.

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I used a 31.5 inch long 8mm circular needle for my blanket. You knit back and forth on the circular needle and not in the round. The circular needle is simply to accommodate a large number of stitches. You can buy this entire set of knitting needles online it is inexpensive and I like that you get the whole set of needles at that price.

A full list of all supplies used has been listed at the bottom of this post. Scroll down.

corner to corner baby blanket with FREE pattern


You start by casting on just 1 stitch. And then you increase a stitch in each and every row. I made each stripe of color to be 10 rows. A printable pattern pdf can be found at the end of this post.

bernat softee chunky yarn

I added the garter stitch chunk to add more stability and avoid a curl at the edge of the blanket. But it really wasn’t necessary, since the Make 1 stitch at the beginning of each row prevents the blanket from curling.

corner to corner baby blanket with FREE pattern

This is the perfect blanket to work on while watching TV! My happy place -Netflix, PJs, and knitting. Yup #knitflix is really a term I use.

How to Knit a corner to corner baby blanket with FREE pattern
How to Knit a corner to corner baby blanket with FREE pattern

At its widest, I had 126 stitches on my needle. Once you reach the middle of the blanket, you start decreasing a stitch on each and every row. The decrease rows create such beautifully neat corners!

While this is the fastest blanket I have knit, it doesn’t mean it is small in size. The finished blanket measures approximately 40 by 40 inches. And it is so much fun to watch the blanket grow stripe by stripe.

How to Knit a corner to corner baby blanket with FREE pattern

Somehow, the decrease rows seem to go faster and you will end up with lesser and lesser stitches on your needle.


When you have two stitches left, knit them together, and bind them off. Using a crochet hook to weave in all of the loose ends.

How to Knit a corner to corner baby blanket with FREE pattern


And my blanket is all done! This one took me about 6 days to knit, with life and everything thrown into the mixture. This would be the perfect project to carry along with you to a cabin or lazy summer vacation. It is simple to knit and quick to finish.

How to Knit a corner to corner baby blanket with FREE pattern

I love simple blankets that are colorful- choosing the color combinations for each project is my favorite part!

How to Knit a corner to corner baby blanket with FREE pattern


How to Knit a corner to corner baby blanket with FREE pattern

The texture gives the blanket makes it super cuddly.

How to Knit a corner to corner baby blanket with FREE pattern

How much yarn do I need for a corner to corner baby blanket?

The colorway I chose for today’s corner to corner baby blanket has a retro feel to it. I use 5 colors of yarn for my blanket (white color not photographed below) and they are all Bernat Softee Chunky skeins. This is not a sponsored post, I buy most of my yarn online, and stock up my yarn stash during sales.

For this blanket size, I used 1 skein of the Teal, 2 skeins of the Sea Green, 2 skeins of the Natural, 2 skeins of the Glowing Gold, and 1 skein of the baby pink. That’s a total of 8 skeins to create the stripe pattern that I have. If you were to make this blanket in one solid color you would probably only need 5 or 6 skeins. I would say 6 skeins to be on the safer side. Below is a list of everything:

How to Knit a corner to corner baby blanket with FREE pattern



  1. This blanket can be easily adapted to suit your color needs and yarn stash. You can make it with just two colors to create a simple and easy striped blanket. Or make it as colorful as your yarn stash is! The choice is yours.
  2. If you are a beginner, I would recommend you make this entire blanket with just knits like in my Garter Stitch Blanket Pattern.
  3. You can make this corner to corner baby blanket as large as you want easily! That is actually one of the best features of a C2C blanket, you can keep knitting until you are happy with the width along the side. Once you have reached a happy size, start decreasing.
  4. Also, if you just want to use up your yarn stash- divide it into half and start this blanket. When you come to the end of that yarn, start decreasing and use up the rest half of your yarn stash. An empty yarn stash is such a great feeling! (and a great excuse to go shop for more yarn, ahem)
  5. Use a yarn over increase if you wish to create a border all around with tiny holes in it. It’s called an eyelet border. Instead of the KFB, you would create a border all around by- K3, YO, Knit to end for all the increased rows. For the decrease rows, you would K2, K2tog, YO, K2tog, Knit to the end. For stockinette stitch purl accordingly.

What size should a corner to corner baby blanket be?

A standard size for a corner to corner baby blanket is 40 by 40 inches.


Thank you for your interest in this corner to corner baby blanket with a FREE pattern! Here is the Corner to Corner Baby Blanket Pdf.

While crocheting a corner to corner baby blanket is very common, I love the knit look so much more!! I also love that this Corner to Corner baby blanket starts off small and increases as it grows so it is not too heavy while knitting. What do you think of this blanket? Let me know in the comments below!


After many reader requests, I’ve knit another Corner to Corner baby blanket- this time in a Rectangle shape. It is as easy to knit, so I hope you enjoy the FREE pattern.

READ MORE: How to knit a diagonal rectangle tutorial to make a baby blanket in 5 days!

how to knit a rectangle on the bias

Let me know in the comments if you try out this Corner to Corner baby blanket! I’d love to see your pictures too!

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  1. Hi. Your directions are excellent in all your patterns that I have looked at, which is around three. I’ve put them in my bookmarks. You make beautiful blankets! Thanks for the inspiration and wonderful instructions! You are very talented.

  2. Thanks for this pattern. Have just finished making this blanket for my toddler, he loves it. Have made it with smaller yarn and in a rectangle, so took me a bit longer than you 😊. It’s turned out great in white, grey and light teal blue. (Unfortunately, the site won’t let me post a photo here).

    • Yay!! Love that you enjoyed the pattern! I don’t think WordPress will allow you to post pics here unfortunately. Sorry about that. You can share a pic with me in Facebook or instagram

  3. I love this pattern. How would you make this into a rectangle? Would you just knit what is on the needles without increasing or decreasing for a while? Or is it harder then that?

    • This is a question many of you have asked! Please stay tuned, I am working on a new post on that topic

  4. I have a large bag of double knit wool .collected over years of knitting many odd balls of different colours could I do this blanket with it .

  5. Hi, thank you for the pattern. I completed my blanket, but it’s slightly misshapen. It’s not a proper square.. Any suggestions as to what went wrong.

    • That can happen if your knitting tension has varied throughout the blanket. No worries, just block your blanket by spritzing with water (pls read your yarn instructions first) and shaping into a square

  6. Thanks for the pattern! I’m using a similar pattern to make a baby blanket, except it has you start and end with 4 stitches. I did a few practices by making smaller squares before starting the blanket. The thing is, everything I make comes out as more of a diamond than a square. Any ideas about why this could be/ how I can fix it? Thanks!

  7. Hello! I am trying to knit this blanket but I am struggling on how to change the color on the right side. Is there anyway someone can help me out?

  8. Thank you for these patterns. I really want to knit a diagonal blanket in a rectangle. How would I knit a rectangle diagonally with holes along the border?

    • Hi Nancy! In the notes section I mention the Yarn over increase to create a border with holes. But with this bulky of a yarn, the holes will be large in size. A yarn over lacy border looks better with a thinner yarn and small stitch size.

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