Easy Rock Painting With Kids

Hello friends! Today I’m unboxing a super cute Rock Painting craft kit and then get painting with my kids. Painted Rocks are a great way for kids to try their hand at art, and they can then share their creations by leaving them in parks for others to find and enjoy.

As a mom, the best kind of afternoons are when I get to Craft with my kids. It’s messy and loud but filled with so many giggles and story-sharing. Core memory-making at its best. It doesn’t matter how it turns out the joy is in the making. Make sure to check out these tutorials too How to Make Cinnamon PlayDough at Home, Sponge Painting for Kids, and Scrape Painting

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Rock Painting with kids

What Do I Need For Rock Painting?

You can buy rocks to paint online, or use a craft kit like these by Creativity for Kids. We used a kit, and it comes with everything you need- the rocks, paints, paint brushes and even shiny dot transfers.

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rocks for rocks painting
Creativity for kids kit

what paint to use for rock painting?

Acrylic painting works best on rocks as it dries waterproof. If you find outdoor craft paint that will be a great option too. A mess-free way to decorate these rocks is to use Paint Pens.

Rock Painting Ideas:

Wipe or wash the rocks clean and they are ready to be painted on!

I did some dot painting on the rocks here, but you can try adding water-soluble tattoos, writing positive words, or painting flowers

Rock Painting Dots

What Do You Spray On Rocks After Painting?

You can use a thin layer of this spray sealer onto the finished Rock Painting. This will make them weather proof but also give a slight shine.

rock Painting


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Rock Painting YouTube Video:

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Enjoy our Rock Painting Video- my kids and I enjoyed this kit so much! https://youtu.be/SmYsq2UIlTs

Tips for Rock Painting:

  • Always protect your table surface while painting rocks.
  • This would be a great outdoor summer activity- all you need to do is carry a few paint pens with you.
  • Try painting these rocks to look like flowers or animals for a fun twist!

In conclusion, Rock Painting is a fun way for kids to try art at home and then share it with the world. Make sure to check before leaving these Painted rocks in a National Parks. We love finding rocks like these on our walks!

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