These are some of my very first wall art pieces. All of these Indian Paintings were made as I taught myself how to draw, paint and use color. Adding texture to my paintings became the highlight for me and even today that is my favorite part of the painting! Some of these paintings are acrylic paints on canvas, some are oil paintings on wood. I tried them all and enjoyed learning along the way!

Color brings energy; it has a life of its own. Given a chance, it can explode on a canvas and be brilliant and vibrant.

Step by step art ideas to try!

These are some of my Indian Paintings spanning the past 9 years. In a way, I discovered the artist in me, because of these paintings. Today I like to bring a new depth into the picture and try innovative techniques- like a slightly modern twist using the age-old traditional Tanjore style-or adding 3D relief work, using various substances- plaster of Paris, ceramic powder, chalk powder, twine, paper bits, newspaper pieces, glue or epoxy compounds. I have even brought in everyday ingredients from my kitchen into paintings! The options are endless really…

There is intricate workmanship involved in such paintings, be it in the preparation of the canvas, the enhancement of the jewelry, or the use of gold foil or gold leafing for decoration, but the outcome is such a richly elaborate painting, that it is worth the extra effort. 🙂

Having no formal art training, I have slowly taught myself how to translate my creative ideas and thoughts onto paper. Works of artists from my cultural heritage of India and the West have always been inspiring and refreshing. The Hindu God ‘Ganesha’ is my true inspiration and you will find many Ganesha Paintings on my blog here.

Click on the images of these Indian Paintings below:

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  1. U the best!!!!
    Totally, Seriously!! I love Ganesha, Love lotus, love the way his nose gets the paint!!!
    I love and adore it U go girl!

  2. Hi Smitha, I came across your blog thro’ Moxie Fab and I am glad I did!.. you are so super talented. Loved your painting, your cards and esp your scrapbooking!..they are super cute..I too love to scrapbook and your pages are a great source of inspiration to me!. Thanks for sharing.

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