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{Free Printables and My Project Life 2013 approach}

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A new morning

A new day

A new year.

A brand new year!

Hello 2013


A new year means new crafty resolutions right? 😉

Last year I did Becky Higgins Project life approach Digitally- documenting every month in a two page spread. I have most of the year finished, just havent got around to blogging it yet. (Click here for my last year’ posts)

For this year, I have a new approach to Project Life.

While doing it digitally was fun, I have yet to print my album. And now that my older one is a little older- 3 yrs+ I am pretty sure she will enjoy looking at the album in progress.

So this year I am doing the actual Project Life= album, page protectors and printing photos at home. I really want to use the Seafoam Kit by Elise Cripe, but it hasn’t hit the market yet.


But I am not doing it with a two page spread per week. That would be too much pressure for me to handle.

Instead, I am aiming to do about 2 or 3 page protectors per month. Maybe. A page will be done when it is filled, not when the week is up. And I wont share all pages on the blog either, just a few here and there.

There might be months with just one page.

And that’s ok.

My album is sitting on a makeshift table, a big card board box. Its the right height for the girls to look at and thats what this project is about. Them.

Its not just preserving the memories, its also the process of preserving the memories. And enjoying those memories at any time. Not just when I pull out the album and let them see it.

And this album is a family project this year.

yes family 🙂

I will be overseeing the album, choosing which page protector to use and what photos to use.

But- I have delegated the printing of selected photos to my husband. He LOVES photography (check out his photos here), and LOVES our new photo printer- so this has been fun already. I usually used to upload my photos to Costco and pick them up once in every few weeks, but printing the photos at home just makes this SO much easier!

And my little girl, this one here in the photo- she is in charge of rounding the corners (We use this *NEW* corner rounder by Fiskars). And she is good at it and its fun for her! They might not all be perfect but thats ok.


(I have had to tell myself and my husband that “It’s OK” a couple of times…)

I think it is more important that we get this done in a fun way- not that it is absolutely pixel perfect 🙂

Enough talk, now shall we move to how the cover page looks?


For the “2013” card, I created the 2013 in Photoshop, and added a wood veneer that I had created for us saying “The Katti’s”

I then added two coats of Glossy Accents on top of the numbers to give it some gloss.


I also added some more wood veneer words and some sequins to some of the photos…


I added my last weeks Free Printable She/He Said card with some journaling. And called my cover page done.


On hind sight, I would not have done the Glossy Accents- it took too much time to dry and I had no patience for it..

But I am in love with this project already, and have filled a few pockets of the next page already!! Eeks, this is exciting!!

And here is a Free Printable for you all- the 2013 card. Hope you enjoy this one!


Click here to download the 2013 cards

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The Mom Creative
Link me up to your new albums!! I would love to stop by your blog and say hi!
Happy new year everybody!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

(If this is the first time you have heard about Project Life, go here to learn more)


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  1. Thanks for the feeebie & Happy New Year !

  2. Love it! Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year 🙂

  3. Melinda T

    Thank you for the printables! Your cover page looks great!

  4. I was just going to ask how you got the 2013 numbers to look so cool – I love it!! Thanks for the printables. I haven’t figured out what I want our title page to look like just yet 🙂

  5. I love your new approach. Doing 2-3 pages a month sounds like a great idea! And I really like that your daughter helps you round the corners. So super sweet! And I would love to have a photo printer in my house..Hope you enjoy it:)

  6. how fun to include the whole family!

  7. Pam

    Thank you so much for the gift. How wonderful that you are going to involve your husband and daughter in Project Life. I’m sure it will be a lot of fun for your daughter. She is so cute.

    1. Smitha

      Thanks for stopping by my blog Pam!!

  8. your album will be very nice ! I believe it’s a good think to have a family participation, and not to be stressed by the 2 pages/a week. i believe it’s easier to do it per month as you choose. I will ve happy continue to follow you in 2013. have a great Year !

  9. Misty

    beautiful album, and a beautiful family! thanks for the idea to do a spread per month, I was getting stressed thinking how I could/wanted to make it work for ME. thanks very much for all the freebies, you have great style!

  10. I love that you are making this years album a family one. My son (4yrs) would die and go to heaven if I let him round our corners. Fantastic idea!! And I didn’t know Fiskars had that new punch out. I let my 4 yr old sit at my craft desk and use my squeeze punches as they are easy for him.

    1. Smitha

      Mine uses all the small squeeze punches and is a pro! She loves to round the corners and she is SO excited about this album. I cant stop smiling when I see her excitement. I bet you will have fun too!

  11. Sue

    I am kinda sad that you are not doing it digitally for 2013 but I totally understand your reasons for switching 🙂

    I am including my older kids (11 and 14) and my boyfriend in the process as much as I can. I use a lot of their photos and they take pictures for me with their phones and put them in my Project Life Dropbox account.

    Can’t wait to see your pages this year.

  12. Your album is beautiful and so is your family. I am just starting the digital version of Project Life.

  13. Looks like a great start to the new year. I think your album will be wonderful and I love that your daughter gets to round the corners–that’s so cute. Happy new year!

  14. yin

    Your title page is beautiful and your family too! Yes, I like that with the physical PL we get to see and feel the album as we go along, and how nice your family gets to join in too 🙂

  15. libbywilko

    Love th card, thanks Smitha.

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