How To Paint Christmas Ornaments That You Will Love!

These holiday ornaments are shimmery and special and there are so many ways to customize them. Best of all, once you master How to paint Christmas ornaments easily, you will enjoy making a bunch of these!

Today’s ornaments make a great Christmas Craft to make with a table full of family. Plus you could make 25 of these handpainted ornaments and add Printable Advent Calendar prompts inside each one.

plastic ornament paint

What you will need to paint Christmas ornaments

What kind of paint do you use on ornaments? Nuvo embellishment mousse

what paint to use on plastic ornaments?

While painting an ornament, you definitely want to avoid watercolors. A good thick acrylic paint will work, but you might need to add a couple of coats for full coverage. For best results, I like to use the Nuvo Embellisment Mousse by Tonic Studios. It comes in many beautiful shimmery colors, has a slight texture to it and is very easy to apply.

If you cant find the mousse, try mixing any paint with a boop of texture- maybe a spoon of chalk powder, or a blob of texture paste. This will add some much needed grit to the paint and allow for better adhesion onto the smooth ornaments.

how to paint the outside of clear plastic ornaments

Yes! I actually like painting the outside of a plastic ornament, as you can easily cover the whole area. Trying to paint the inside can be very tricky using a paintbrush unless you an acrylic paint pour techinique.

Can you paint the outside of a plastic ornament

How to Paint Christmas Ornaments Using nuvo embellishment mousse

  1. Remove the top cap of each ornament.
  2. Pick a little of the Mousse onto the blending brush. The Mouse is thicker than paint and a little will go a long way
  3. Apply the mouse onto the outside of the plastic ornament.
  4. Keep your brush strokes evenly pressured and vary the direction of the brush strokes to give an artistic vibe. Let dry.
easy painted ornaments

Since the water content in very low in the mousse, you will find that it dries super quick. I added a light color on top and then finished it off by overlapping a darker color towards the bottom.

how to paint Christmas ornaments

The Nuvo Embellishment Mousse comes in many beautiful colors and is the perfect texture to learn how to paint Christmas Ornaments of your own. You can personalize the colors and make an unique ornament of your own.

how to paint Christmas ornaments step by step tutorial


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how to paint the outside of plastic ornaments

I hope you enjoyed today’s How to Paint Christmas Ornaments Tutorial friends! Explore more holiday craft ideas like this Watercolor Christmas cards tutorial video, Easy Ombre Christmas Tree Cookies, or these 25+ Creative Christmas Cards Ideas!

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