DIY Mugs with Sharpie: Easy Personalized Gift Idea!

A cup of coffee can make you smile even more when you drink it from these typography inspired mugs. These DIY Mugs with Sharpie make a quick home made gift idea that you can personalize in any way you choose.

diy mugs with sharpie Ampersand Mug

I love the And Sign and share many more Ampersand Art Ideas on my blog!

can i use regular sharpies on mugs

No. Not all Sharpies or Markers will work. Any water based ink will wash away so make sure you pick up something that is oil based.

What kind of Sharpie do you use on mugs?

The trick is to always use these Oil Based Sharpies (vs regular Sharpies)

These marker come in some pretty colors. The Gold and Silver ones are my absolute favorite. Followed by these neon colored ones. Think of all the colorful DIY Mugs with Sharpie you could create!

How long do you bake a mug with Sharpie?

Bake the ceramic mugs according to the instructions provided on the marker you use. My mugs needed to be baked for 30 mins in a 350F oven and were left to cool completely inside the oven itself.

how to make sharpie mugs

  1. Clean your ceramic mug surface with an alcohol wipe before you start.
  2. Use an Oil Based Sharpie (vs regular Sharpies) to draw, doodle or hand letter onto your mug
  3. Bake the mugs after you are done so that the ink sets.

Will Sharpie on a mug wash off?

Once you bake the Sharpie ink onto the mug it lasts very well. I recommend hand washing these mugs, and you don’t want to scrub too vigorously onto the Sharpie design.

Gold sharpie mug

Once you have figured out how to do make these DIY Mugs with Sharpies- there are so many variables you can add-in. For my new article at Fiskars, I made these Ampersand Coffee Mugs (I have been a little ampersand obsessed lately) with the help of this amazing Teresa Collin Ampersand punch to create a mask. Click here to see the whole tutorial with all the tools and instructions (with more photos!)

diy sharpie mugs

These mugs are so adorable and would make the perfect handmade gift for the holidays. Make them for your favorite friend, a teacher, or relative. Or you could ask the kids to help make a mug and that would make a great gift for the dads/grandpas too!


I am so tempted to make more Ampersand mugs, in all the possible colors out there. I actually have an entire set of white mugs sitting in my cart for a few weeks now and I am so close to clicking the “buy” button. If only I had more hours in the day!

ETA: For the holiday season this year my cousins visited our house with their spouses and kids. I made these DIY Sharpe mugs, personalized with each persons initials (there were a few duplicates, but I styled them differently) and they all had coffee each morning in their special cups! They of course got to take them home with them as well 🙂

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