Embossing on wood: a quick 15-minute craft idea!

Easily create a hammered metal look on an inexpensive wooden box by embossing on wood.Embossing_powder_on_wood

Plants always make a beautiful gift, but this time I also wanted a special container to hold these plants in. I upscaled a simple inexpensive wooden box that I bought at Michaels to look fancy and gift-worthy.xtra7

Embossing on wood Tutorial:

To begin, gather your supplies and choose a section of the box to work on, and apply a thin layer of adhesive onto it. You can use embossing paste here instead of adhesive too.

Basically, my takeaway after this project was that applying embossing powder on wood is pretty much just like embossing on paper. 

Pour your embossing powder to completely cover the area.

Embossing powder on wood

Melt the embossing powder by using a crafting heat tool. Move the heat continues to achieve an even melting.

Embossing powder on wood

While this embossing powder is still hot and molten, apply another layer of the embossing powder on top of it quickly. If you find that the first layer of embossing powder dried too quickly, simply apply another layer of glue or paste in between.

Embossing powder on wood

Melt the second layer of embossing powder using the heat gun again.

Embossing powder on wood

Mount the little ampersand from the Fiskars This & That Clear Stamps (4” by 8”) onto an acrylic block. Press the stamp into the molten embossing powder firmly. Don’t worry, neither the embossing powder, not the heat will damage your stamps. Press your stamp repeatedly to create a pattern.


If you find that the embossing powder hardens before you can stamp an area, then use the heat gun over that particular small area to melt the powder again and stamp. If the embossing powder bubbles up, that will just add more dimension.

After one side of the box cools, repeat the whole process on the other sides.

Finished results:

Now you have a unique and shiny box that you can use for a multitude of things! I used just one of the ampersands from the stamp set, but you could use all of the ampersands from the stick set and that would give a fun eclectic look too.

I chose to plant a succulent plant in the box and gift it to my daughter’s teacher. I think this would be a gift that will brighten her work corner! DIY gifts for the win!

I enjoyed embossing on wood and honestly it was a great creative exercise for me today! Hope you enjoyed it too.


Supplies used in this projectstep1

Embossing on wood video tutorial

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