Knit clutch pattern with a simple fold over design

A Knit clutch pattern with a simple fold-over design that uses an easy stitch pattern. A perfect project for the warmer season that uses just one skein of yarn!

In between all of my Knitted Blanket Patterns, I like to have small knit and crochet projects that are portable and easy to make. This knit clutch pattern fits that bill and is very simple to make yet so cute!

knit clutch pattern fold over diy


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Supplies you will need:

  • One skein of Medium weight yarn, you will probably need about 4 to 5oz only so this is a great project to use up some leftover scrap yarn!
  • Optional, a contrast color yarn for the edging
  • One pair of straight knitting needles, US size 7 or 4.5mm – metal or wooden. I used these basic needles.
  • One crochet hook or tapestry needle to join the seams
  • One large button or a zipper + velcro combo.

fair isle yarn brand

Where to start:

The pattern for this is very simple yet has a nice texture to it. It would look great as a scarf as well!

Here is how it goes: Cast on 50 sts or as many to create a knit fabric 12 inches wide.

Work in the pattern: Row 1- knit, Row 2- knit, Row 3- knit & Row 4- purl. Repeat these 4 rows over and over again.

easy small knitting projects

Make a buttonhole when your work measures 2 inches.

Buttonhole Row: K23, bind off 4 sts, K 23. Next row, Make (cast on) 4 stitches above the bind off.

knit clutch pattern easy stitches

My finished length is about 20 inches, with another buttonhole row created at the 18inch mark. Since this knit clutch pattern has a fold-over you want to make sure that your buttonholes are created symmetrically and will line up when folded.

knit clutch pattern grey

Adding details:

knit clutch pattern fair isle yarn

Once off of my knitting needles, I first added a contrasting color border on both ends. I used simple single crochet with a smaller sized needle for this. This is optional, you can, of course, skip this border and choose to add a zipper closer there instead of the button too.

Fold over the knit fabric and crochet or sew the sides closed using the same colored yarn as the body. I prefer to crochet rather than sew any day 😀

crochet edge
foldover clutch pattern

Add your button in place so that it aligns with both button holes neatly. I love how cute this simple design looks. This could also be used as a purse or hold all without the fold over option too.

Tada! All done and ready to use:

Here is how it looks when you fold over and button it shut. I think it is the cutest!! I would suggest that you add a fabric insert inside or a stabilizer. The knit fabric is soft and will work fine as is too. It just won’t be the sturdiest.

diy foldover clutch
knit clutch pattern smitha katti

I like how large the inside is and you can really fit some stuff in here. This knit clutch pattern is very versatile and I hope you find it useful!

smitha knits purse
knit clutch pattern
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