How To Make a Plushie At Home

Hello friends! A plushie or a stuffed toy is a great beginner sewing project for tweens and teens to try out! You can use a sewing machine or hand sew this together and once you learn How To Make A Plushie of your own you will want to make more than one!

Just like my previous tutorials- How To Make an Unicorn Book Cover or this Donut Craft Notebook Party today’s How To Make a Plushie Tutorial will walk you through the process from start to finish with tips to help you get the best results.

how to make a plushie

best felt for plushies

It is best to use Fleece Fabric or Felt to make a plushie or any soft toy. You want a fabric that is soft to the touch, that is slightly thick in nature, and if it has some fuzz or texture even better. For today’s How to Make a Plushie Tutorial, I picked up Anti-Pill Fleece Precut Fabric from my local Walmart.

fleece fabric

How To Make A Plushie Step By Step:

Watch the Video:

Start by downloading the free pattern pdf (included at the bottom of this blog post) and printing it at home. Cut your fleece fabric pieces as indicated on the pattern.

What fabric is best for plushies?
  1. Place the tummy piece onto the front and sew it into place. I used a simple running stitch and sewed on the right side itself to make it decorative.
  2. Using a black embroidery floss sew the eyes and mouth.
  3. Next, sew an ear and the mirror cut of the ear together, on the wrong side, and turn inside out. Repeat this to create two ears and two arms.
  4. Create a sandwich of the front, ears, arms, and the back piece. Sew all around (leaving the bottom open) and turn inside out.
how to make a plushie step by step

What stuffing is used for plushies?

To fill your plushie, it is best to use Poly-fil Fiber Fill. This is a polyester filling that is great for stuffed animal making. Make sure that you do not overfill your plushie, and the last step is to place the bottom piece and sew the plushie shut carefully.

What stuffing is used for plushies?

You can easily use this how to make a plushie tutorial, to make a stuffed animal of any size! It is super satisfying to make a larger stuffed plushie that is huggable and cute! This would also make a great gift for someone you love.

how to make a stuffed animal by hand

TIPS for Making Plushies Beginner:

tips for making a plushie
  • If you prefer not to embroider the eyes- buy these safety eyes and insert them in place instead. For the mouth, use a Fabric marker to draw a smile into place.
  • You can choose to hand sew this plushie or use a sewing machine. The smaller plushie can be easily sewn together by hand, but a larger one will take a bit of extra time.
  • For Hand sewing, using a simple back stitch with 4 to 6 strands of embroidery floss will work well.
  • While sewing is the best way how to make a plushie, you can also try using Glue for Felt like in my previous CUTE HOUSE SHAPED PILLOW WITH NO SEWING
  • To add more interest to the plushie, you can use a shiny satin fabric fort he front of the ears instead of the same fleece.

How to make a plushie video:

Watch the YouTube Video here:

how to make a axolotl plushie Pattern PDF Download:

Download the pattern: Plushie Pattern pdf

Free plushie pattern pdf

Are plushies easy to make?

Yes! I love using felt for making a plushie, it is more forgiving than fabric and doesn’t fray as much either. Once you learn how to make a plushie you can easily alter the design to make different stuffed animals of your choice.

I hope you enjoyed today’s How to Make a Plushie tutorial and will enjoy making a plushie of your own! Please do not redistribute the pattern, and if linking, please link back to this blog post and not the pdf directly. Thanks!

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