Half Linen Stitch Blanket

Learn how to make a blanket using the Half Linen stitch! This blanket has a unique texture that does not curl and looks beautiful on the reversible too! Makes a nice dense fabric with no holes.

I find knitting blankets to be so relaxing and therapeutic. Making a scarf is fun, and a great portable project but I finish it easily in a week or two. A blanket, on the other hand, is a longer time commitment and it is always waiting for you. I know that at the end of the day after the kids are in bed I can sit down with my favorite Netflix show and knit a few rows. And it is so satisfying to see your blanket grow!

If you are new to the craft, start here: How To Knit Beginners Step by Step Photos


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Yarn details:

Caron cakes

For today’s Half Linen Stitch Blanket I’m using the Caron Tea Cakes Yarn in two colorways- Lady Grey and Oolong. This is a beautiful variegated yarn with tones of greys and blues but is sadly discontinued now. Any Super Bulky 6 yarn like Charisma™ Yarn by Loops & Threads can be substituted instead.

Make a Gauge Swatch (Optional):

I always start by making a gauge swatch. This is always important when you are using a new skein of yarn. All you need to do is cast on about 10 stitches with the needle you plan to use and work in pattern. Measure this swatch you create and determine how many stitches you will need for your blanket.

How many stitches do you cast on for a blanket?

For a throw that is about 55 inches wide, you’ll need to cast on 130 stitches and work in the Half Linen Stitch pattern. I worked till I used up 4 skeins of yarn, which made my blanket roughly 45 inches long.

I would have loved to make this a 60 inch long blanket- but I ran out of yarn and this yarn was no longer being sold.

linen stitch blanket

How many skeins of yarn do I need for a blanket?

I used a total of 4 skeins of yarn to finish my blanket. 2 skeins in color Lady Grey and 2 skeins in color Oolong. Each skein was  8.5 oz. / 240 g and measured 204 yds. / 186 m.

Knit half linen stitch

This stitch is great to use while making sweaters, scarves and even smaller items like dishcloths.

Half Linen Stitch Blanket Pattern:

Row 1: *K1, Bring yarn forward, slip next stitch, bring yarn to the back of work* repeat till the end of the row

Row 2: Purl all stitches.

Row 3: K1,*K1, Bring yarn forward, slip next stitch, bring yarn to the back of work* repeat till the end of the row

Row 4: Purl all stitches.

How long should a circular knitting needle be for a blanket?

I’m using the recommended Size 11, 8mm knitting needle. I chose a 29inch long circular needle in order to accommodate a large number of stitches.

Make sure you are not knitting in the round, even though you are using a circular needle! Instead, knit back and forth.

If you enjoyed this pattern, make sure to check out my simpler Easy Stockinette Stitch Knit Throw pattern for your next project idea.

knitting a blanket using a circular needle

Does the Half Linen Stitch curl?

No! Not at all. The Half Linen Stitch creates a firm texture on the reverse that looks almost like a seed stitch. This prevents the fabric from curling. On such a large blanket though, I did find that the bottom cast on started to curl, maybe because I cast on loosely. But I just laid the blanket flat for a few days and was okay with how it ended up.

The Knit Linen Stitch makes a fabulous fabric!

ombre knit blanket
knit linen stitch reversible


  1. The Half Linen Stitch creates such a great unique textured look, it’s very impressive to look at.
  2. This is a super easy stitch/pattern! There is only one row to remember, which means there is a lesser chance of making any mistakes. After you work a few rows, it becomes very easy to see where you need to slip and where you need to knit to create the texture pattern.
  3. The Knit Linen Stitch is a super slow pattern as you need to move the yarn back and forth for each and every stitch. It takes more time and patience. But it is very simple and easy.
  4. The Half Linen Stitch goes way faster than the Knit Linen Stitch because the even rows are all purl only
  5. This stitch is great to use while making sweaters, scarves and even smaller items like dishcloths.
knit half linen stitch blanket pattern

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  1. Hi Smitha! I’m a bit confused about the stitch count. With an even number of stitches, there is a leftover stitch at the end of each row. Am I supposed to be slipping this stitch, or should I have cast on an odd number of stitches?

    • Hi Lauren! Both the Linen and Half Linen stitch are worked over an even numbered of stitches. If you have a stitch leftover on Row 3- it might be the last slip stitch?

  2. beautiful colors and pattern. Having trouble with pattern. I am a visual learner and have not learned slip stitich and yarn over. So, I need to bone up on those first. Also, I like to do gauge before I knit. could you give us that data with the yarn you used. I am going to get the same yarn and needles you used.

  3. Hello, ths is a beautiful pattern, the ombre yarns also
    wb beautiful to use and show beauty of stitch off too.

    This stitch creates a nice dense,warm blanket.
    My question is,does this pattern need blocking?

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