How To Knit Beginners Step by Step Photos

Knitting is one of the most satisfying of hobbies, and today let’s learn How to Knit Beginners with this easy tutorial! Time to shop for your first knitting needle and choose a pretty yarn!

Knitting has been my favorite hobby of all time, and on this blog you will find many easy colorful Knitting Crochet Ideas to inspire you. If you are a beginner at knitting (or have forgotten how to) today let’s see How to Knit Beginners– in step by step photos

Making anything out of just yarn is so much fun! Creating swatches of fabric out of just a ball of yarn is an amazing feeling. You will want to make many more items as fast as you can. Try this Quick Knit Scarf Pattern or Knit Blanket Patterns next!

Can I teach myself to knit?

Yes! You can follow this blog post and by the end, you will learn how to knit a basic square or rectangle. But, I would suggest you look at your local library, friends circle or family to see if you can find someone to help you start knitting. It will be much easier if you have someone to guide you in person.

how to knit Beginners: What Will you need?

To learn how to knit, you will need a pair of knitting needles (I used size 10 here), a ball of Bernat Velvet yarn in a color of your choice, and a pair of scissors.

If you have seasoned crafters at home, you might find an odd ball of yarn at home and a pair of needles. My advice for beginners- choose a thicker yarn and a shorter pair of needles for your first time. I’m using the 13-inch long needle here but would recommend that you go even smaller and use a 9 or 10-inch long needle instead.

step1 2

What is the most basic knitting pattern?

A great beginner-friendly stitch to start learning how to knit is the Garter Stitch where all you do is knit each and every row.

What is the first thing a beginner should knit?

As a beginner, start small. Make a dishcloth, a quick knit scarf or simply try your hand at the craft and make a 5-inch square.

knitting step by step with pictures

Here I will walk you through the basic knitting terms you will need to start and finish a project.

  1. Casting on the Stitches – You will open your yarn skein and learn how to add your stitches onto the needle.
  2. Learning How to Knit Each Stitch– By knitting each and every stitch you have cast on, you will grow your project.
  3. Casting off the Stitches– This is how you end your project and take it off of the needles.
how to knit a scarf

Step 1: Casting On Your Stitches

Casting on your stitches is a fancy term for starting your knit project- where you basically open your yarn skein and create the 1st row of stitches onto a needle.

To begin, create a loop of yarn as shown. Now using your right hand thumb and forefinger reach into this loop and pull the yarn through to form another loop.

how to knit beginners step by step

Pull the start of the yarn tightly till you have a small knot at the base of the loop. Now slip this loop onto your knitting needle.

how to knit beginners

Now slide the knot up till you have a somewhat tight stitch on your needle. There is no need to tighten it too much, tighten it just a tad. You have now cast on your first stitch!

step4 3

Next hold this needle in your left hand and pick up the other empty knitting needle in your right hand.

Insert the right needle into (under) the first stitch on the left needle. With your right hand pick up and loop the yarn around the tip of the right needle and pull this yarn through the existing stitch. You should now have one stitch on your right needle. Slip this stitch onto the left hand needle. You have now cast on two stitches.

step5 2
step6 2

Repeat this pattern of insert needle, loop yarn, pull yarn through stitch, slip stitch from the right needle onto left needle till you have cast on the desired number of stitches.
I’d say start with 15 stitches onto one needle you have learned how to cast on!

Step 2: How to Knit a Row

Now hold your needle with the stitches in your left hand and the empty needle in your right hand.

step7 1

Insert the right needle into the first stitch on the left needle. With your right-hand loop the yarn around the tip of the right needle and pull this yarn through the existing stitch. You should now have one stitch on your right needle.

Slip the first stitch of the left-hand needle off the needle (This is the opposite of casting on where you move the stitches from right needle to left )You have now knit one stitch! Now simply repeat this for the remaining 17 stitches.


Continue in this manner, insert the needle, loop yarn, pull yarn through stitch, slip stitch off the left needle till all the stitches from the left needle have been transferred to the right-hand needle


You have now knit your first row!

If you are making a scarf, you will be creating a long narrow rectangular piece of yarn fabric. Continue knitting each row, transferring stitches from one needle to another till you have achieved the desired length of your scarf.

For beginners, I would recommend knitting row after row until you have almost (but not quite!) finished up the skein of yarn.

Step 3: To cast off

Once you have a long enough scarf, it’s time to cast off the stitches.

Knit the first two stitches of the row. You should now have two stitches on your right-hand needle. Insert your left-hand needle into the stitch farthest from the tip and pull it over The stitch is closer to the tip of the needle. You have now successfully cast off one stitch.


Knit the next stitch and slip it off the left needle. As you did before, slip the farthest stitch. You should be left with one stitch remaining on the right-hand needle. Continue in this manner till you have knit and cast off all the stitches and only one stitch remains on the right-hand needle. Cut the yarn leaving a small tail, and pull the tail through this final stitch.

Your project is now ready! I hope you found this how to knit beginners tutorial useful!

If you are ready for a bigger project, start an easy Garter Stitch Blanket that uses just the basic knit stitch!

how to knit a scarf

More knitting Projects to Try:

Is knitting easier than crocheting?

Crocheting is easier than knitting. Crocheting uses only one hook and can be easier to grasp as a beginner. Learning how to knit takes a little extra patience.

Why is it so hard to knit?

Knitting requires the use of two needles and both hands to work the needles simultaneously. I would not say it is hard to knit, it just has a steeper learning curve than other crafts. But, once you learn how to knit, you will find it to be the most satisfying craft ever.

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