3 Mixed Media Journaling Ideas

Mixed Media journaling need not always be done in a journal. Try a 12 by 12 piece of cardstock, or a journal cover too and be inspired.

I love painting Mixed Media Art but today I am taking it off the canvas and onto paper!

1. Mixed Media Journaling:

Mixed MEdia Art Journaling

I started this project, by bringing in texture to my layout with some stencils and gesso. I like the white on white dimension that it brings in. Next, I added in my journaling in a numbered list format.


I used the Sure Cut Paper trimmer to trim pieces of paper, vellum etc that I then layered beneath my photo. I used the Amplify Mixed Media 10 inch scissors to then trim bits of papers to add to the layout. To bring in some color, I added some watercolors onto the now dried gesso.


I finished it off with some final touches- stickers, cork and twine bows. I personally love the colors and textures in the layout.


2. Mixed Media Journal Page in a sketchbook:

Grandma mixed media art journaling

Step 1: Paint in the sky, add some flowers, a banner and sketch in some small people. Add a doily here and there to fill in the space.

Mixed Media Art jornaling

Step 2: Add in your quote using some rub ons. Color in the figures, punch pretty paper into shapes and glue them onto the page to add more depth and details.

Step 3: Finally, use a PITT marker to go over all the shadows.

Fiskars butterfly punch mixed media

I absolutely love this page and get very emotional whenever I see it. I was missing my mom a lot the day I painted this and I somehow emoted that feeling into this page. I guess thats why it’s called journaling.

Supplies used:
  • Art Journaling sketchbook- I love this strathmore one.
  • Watercolors (either tubes or cakes) and an aqua brush
  • Patterned paper, doilies, paper scraps, twine etc
  • Punches: any you have on hand: I used this butterfly, flower and leaf ones
  • A good pair of scissors and a gel medium to glue everything down
  • PiTT markers- These are India ink based and perfect for mixed media art!

3. Mixed Media Journaling cover idea:

Alter any notebook or journal to be uniquely yours using this Mixed Media Journaling Cover Idea

mixed media journal cover

Step 1: Cover the front cover with some white paint. I did not wet my brush, but instead used a dry brush with paint to just give some paint strokes. Adhere down different lace trims, some paper strips and punched paper bits. Cover the trim with two coats of white paint as well.

Photo showing journal cover with white paint

Step 2: Bring in more color using acrylic paints and mists. 

journal cover with yellow and blue color added

Step 3: Trim a thin piece of charcoal grey felt using the Easy Action Micro tip Scissor No 5. Adhere this onto the edge of the journal cover.

Add another piece of lace trim, a blue bird rub on and a sequin on the top. I mounted some rubber stamps and stamped them using black ink.

stamped words +bird added to journal cover

To finish off the cover, add a big crochet flower, a blue paper flower and also a tiny felt flower.

Trim off the excess paper and felt hanging over on the edges and your Mixed Media Journaling Cover is done!

Supplies: Journal, acrylic paints, lace or trims, felt, patterned paper, Brush, Tacky glue, Inkpad, rubons, sequins, flowers.

These mixed media journaling ideas were first published on the Fiskars website

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