5 Easy Crochet Stuffed Animals That Are Fun To Make!

Sharing a few of Crochet Stuffed Animals that my 13-year-old teen enjoyed making over winter break this year. These are all patterns that can easily be completed within a day or two and the stuffies turn out SO cute!

On my blog, I share a lot of easy crocheting ideas, and I love that my daughter enjoys playing with yarn as much as I do. Recently, I shared this fun How To Make a Plushie At Home Tutorial, and that inspired my daughter to try and make something similar using yarn. She searched online for crochet stuffed animals patterns free pdfs/ videos and made all of these cute animals! Each one of them turned out to be cuter than the previous one!

5 Easy Crochet Stuffed Animals That Are Fun To Make!

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crochet stuffed animals patterns free

1. Crochet Owl


This Crochet Owl was made using O’Go Blanket yarn left over from my Center Start Crochet Blanket. This yarn is is so soft and cuddly and makes for the best crochet stuffed animals. I had to order a variety set of Safety Eyes to make this Owl and we used Polyfil left over from my DIY Axolotl Plushie and Puff Quilt. This Crochet Owl pattern is easy to follow along and turns out super cute!

2. Crochet Mushroom

crochet mushroom

Pattern Video: Crochet Mushroom by Crafter Frog

For this Crochet Mushroom, she used the Bernat Blanket Yarn again, and this yarn really adds to that cuddle factor.

3. Crochet Elephant

crochet animal

Pattern: Crochet Elephant by All About Ami

The Crochet Elephant Pattern used here is well written, easy to follow and the trunk of the elephant is just adorable! I ordered a thinner yarn from Walmart- Mainstays 5 Oz Sparkle Acrylic Yarn in Rose Fume Colorway for this elephant, and it has a soft shimmer that is subtle and beautiful.

4. Crochet Octopus

Pattern Video: Crochet Baby Octopus by All From Jade

The Crochet Octopus is tiny, uses very little yarn and can be made so quickly! I love how large the eyes look and give the crochet stuffed animal an adorable look.

5. Crochet Bee

crochet stuffed animal bee

Pattern Video: Amigurumi Crochet Bee Tutorial Video from Hooked by Robin

Finally, the Crochet Bee- this has to be hands down the cutest crocheted animal ever! I love how many details are incorporated into the design and how cute the finished bee looks. Definitely a 5 star pattern.

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Crochet Stuffed Animals Conclusion:

I was totally impressed with these crochet stuffed animals patterns free- some of these are great to make use of left over scrap yarn! Crocheting animals is super satisfying as you have a handmade gift ready quickly. And these are all are easy projects that can be completed in a day or two and each and every one of them turn out so cute and adorable!!

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