Scrap Yarn Crochet Hat Pattern

Hello friends! I’m sharing a quick Scrap Yarn Crochet Hat pattern today that is not only easy to make but turns out super cute and comfy!

Not only will this scrap yarn crochet hat use up all those leftover oddballs of yarn- you can personalize this to be any color combo that you need. This is a super simple pattern just like this 1 Hour Crochet Beanie I’ve shared before.

I always get asked if I made this hat when I wear it 🙂

crochet beanie
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You will need:

Some scrap yarn balls- I’ve used a mix of Caron soft, Vanna’s Choice, and honestly, I’m not sure what the white yarn was! But you’ll want to choose yarns that are worsted weight or 4 numbers. You’ll also need a size H crochet hook. I love using these ergonomic ones, so much comfortable to crochet with!

size h clover hook

Scrap Yarn Crochet Hat Tutorial

The pattern is a simple beanie pattern itself, but I’ve modified it to be a tiny bit larger. That way the hat does not stretch too much and the holes between the clusters remain smaller. This hat is a tad loose for me- not snug fitting at all- and I wear it on warmer days here in Minnesota.

scrap yarn crochet idea

I like the texture the white/cream yarn brings to this hat. But you totally can skip that and use regular yarn. Also if you look closely below, the sand color clusters are slightly smaller than the darker brown and green ones- because that’s the Caron soft yarn that is smoother and delicate. BUT the hat still works fine- so I encourage you to mix and match and use up all the yarn scraps.

scrap yarn crochet


Also if you look closely below, you will see that the first row of the white/cream near the top of the hat- actually has two different colors of yarn 😉

I told you, this is a great project for scrap yarn! Use similar yarns together on a row and nobody is going to even know!

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crochet scrap yarn

Click here to download pattern pdf

I hope you enjoyed todays Scrap Yarn Crochet Hat Pattern friends! Have a great day!

scrap yarn crochet hat pattern

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