{Make it with your kids Monday: indoor winter activity}


With temps going to -30F tomorrow, I decided to try something crafty to give the girls some exercise. Because obviously we aren’t going to be going to the park anytime soon…

This idea is amazingly simple, super fun and completely borrowed from my friend Colleen (who just started a blog of her own called A little learning). I don’t take credit for this idea at all, but it was so much fun I wanted to share it with all of you!

What you will need: Masking tape, some pom poms and a something to hold the pom poms in.

How long does it take to make this? About 5 mins. Not including the time it took to clear all the toys off the floor and vaccuuming said floor 😉

What to do: Mark a straight line on your floor using the masking tape. Then mark more lines to criss cross over. Till you have something like this…

grid_webHow to play: Toss the pom poms in the air, so that they land in and around the masking tape grid. Now ask your toddler to walk only on the blue tape, and collect all the pom poms. Thats it! Repeat as necessary.


Who wins: Mommy wins, because the toddler gets some exercise, and that was the goal!


I did not expect this to entertain the girls as much as it did today. We played this game a whole bunch of times, and then made up different versions of our own. Like holding the masking tape on your head and walking on the lines. Or jumping from quadrant to quadrant without stamping on the  lines. It was a good 2 hours of fun.

Then Daddy came home and it all began again :)

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