Easy Kids Room Ideas

Sharing a few easy Kids room ideas- A DIY sheer canopy, wooden crates as shelving, kids room wall art, storage, photo labels on toy boxes for easy clean up with preschoolers


First up is the art in their room. I used a theme of pinks and yellows and simple word typography. I just painted the “play” and “laugh” canvases on 8 by 10 canvas. Basic handlettering but it looks a lot like my handwriting.
The weave hanging is one I made at a Be Crafty workshop with Amanda Rydell. Loved her class and I love the texture this weave brings to the wall.


We live in the mid west, and it feels like in the long long winter, my kids toys magically multiply in quantity. So organization is a key factor in their room.


Having labels with pictures that match the toys that need to be inside works for us. This is especially handy when one of your kids is of preschool age. I talk more about how to make labels – How to Make Cute Labels at Home 5 Ways


Wooden crates. These are my new obsession. I want to paint them, distress them and alter them. I want to buy many many of them and have them in every room. Right now though, I have just these 4 and I left them unaltered because they match the kids room decor.


Last week, I tweaked the kids room a bit and rearranged the wooden crates a bit to give more storage. I LOVE these wooden crates, because they are inexpensive, easy to rearrange, and as the kids grow older and taller I can just buy more of the crates and stack them higher to make more shelving.

On the other side of the room, are the closets and inside on the closets I placed the Butterfly Dresser that I upcycled a few years ago. This one is still going good and fits in perfectly in the girls room

Upcycled Dresser with butterfly

kids room ideas:

An easy one is the white sheer canopy you see here. The curtains I got from Ikea. I used a Dollar Tree Hula Hoop and sewed the two white sheer curtains directly onto it. I then used colorful ribbon on four opposite points of the circular Hoola hoop to hang the canopy up. The bedding underneath is actually the kid’s old crib bed. And the ruffled flower pillow is one I made a long time ago (and still is a favorite!)

kids room ideas


Which of these Kids room ideas do you like best? Let me know in the comments below!

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