Easy Landscape Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

Hello friends! Today I am sharing an Easy Landscape Drawing Tutorial that I created in my journal. It’s easy to recreate and I hope you give it a try!

I share many Brush Pen Drawing Tutorials and today you can create a soft landscape art and then add a quote + calendar. Marker on paper can feel unforgiving at first, but with practice and a blending palette you can create soft tones that are beautiful!

easy landscape drawing

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8 step Easy Landscape drawing tutorial:

A step by step Easy landscape drawing tutorial.

1. Create a palette of colors: Scribble your Brush Pen colors onto your Blending Palette to create an easy to reach palette.

2. Draw the ground line: Use the Colorless Blender Pen N00 to lift color off of the Blending palette

3. Start coloring the hills: Apply the color using the Blending pen onto the paper. Color in all the hill shapes by applying the color in the direction of the hill slope as the marker streaks will be visible

4. Color in the clouds: Fill the clouds with a dark blue color using a circular motion to apply the marker color onto the paper.

easy landscape drawing step by step1 to 4

5. Add foreground flowers: In the foreground, doodle colorful flowers by directly applying marker to the paper

6. Add foreground leaves: Vary the greens by mixing in some blue and doodle various leaf shapes

7. Color the grass: Using the blender pen and a light green color, fill in all the white space behind the flowers with green grass

8. Color in the sky: Finish off this Easy Landscape Drawing by coloring in the sky with a light light blue color

easy landscape drawing step by step 5 to 8

I absolutely love how this easy landscape drawing turned out, it is definitely much easier to draw than I had initially thought! The fluffy clouds are my favorite part here!

Bullet journal pages

List of supplies used:

landscapes drawings easy Tutorial VIDEO:

Pull out your markers and paper and create alongside my Landscape Marker Drawing Tutorial YouTube Video. Click the video box below to enjoy.

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Things to keep in mind while creating your own Landscape drawings:

  • Establish the ground line first, draw it 2/3 down the page.
  • Keep the hills colorful, vary the color you add to each of them.
  • Add something of interest in the foreground- like how I drew the flowers. You could add an animal, a tree or anything else you are good at drawing.
  • Draw fluffy clouds- these light cute cloud shapes will draw the eye and make it all look good 🙂
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