3 Crochet Bag Patterns Easy to Make

Sharing a bunch of Crochet Bag Patterns that my 13-year-old teen enjoyed making over summer break this year.

Over the past few weeks, my daughter has been looking for crocheting ideas and found all of these lovely Crochet Bag Patterns. Just like how I love making knitted blankets, it seems my girl loves to crochet bags.

She would go “shopping” in my yarn stash and ask me sweetly “Mom, can I use this yarn skein?” and my answer always is “Yes”. Even when she used up two of my in-progress Temperature Blanket skeins. I can always go and buy more yarn later, but her curiosity to try new projects is priceless.

crochet bag patterns

3 Crochet Bag Patterns:

Below are 3 beautiful crochet bag patterns that we have tried.

Checkerboard Bag:

My jaw dropped when I saw the neat checkerboard design. This Checkerboard bag has an easy to follow tutorial video, and I love the blue and white colors she chose (aesthetic colors- I’m told) This crochet bag pattern was easy to follow, and since the checkerboard is relatively small in size it is a great learning project.

Checkerboard Bag
Checkerboard Bag crochet

Star Crochet Bag:

This Star Crochet Bag also has an easy-to-follow tutorial video. The first star was a bit tricky for my daughter to figure out, but I think she wanted to make it because it was a challenge. The star block turns out so cute and depending on the strap length you choose to make can be a messenger bag or a purse. She made one of each here.

Star Crochet Bag small
Star Crochet Bag

Granny Square Bag

You will need 13 Granny Squares for this pattern by Purple Poncho. I love how the black really makes the pink pop in contrast and this is the cutest bag she has made 🙂 I was super impressed with the colors my daughter chose to use.

Granny Square Bag crochet
Granny Square Bag

What size yarn is best for crochet bags?

All of these crochet bag patterns were made using medium 4 worsted weight yarns- mostly Impeccable brand. When making a bag, you want to create a dense fabric and worsted-weight yarn is a great choice. You can also use a crochet hook one size smaller than recommended to make the fabric tight and dense.

More Yarn Projects to Try:

Conclusion: crochet bag ideas

I hope you found this round-up of Crochet Bag Ideas helpful friends. These are great projects to learn different designs and patterns and these bags also make a great handmade gift.

I was totally impressed with how cute these bags turned out and loved watching my daughter create them. I did not help her one bit on any of these projects other than take photos of the finished products. And she has already started another bag, I’ll update this post with more pics soon!

If there are any other Crochet Bag Patterns that you guys think she will love, let me know in the comments below please and I will share them with her. Happy Crocheting!

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